Thursday, January 29, 2009


I havn't been feeling very bloggy lately.
Don't know why, just haven't had anything exciting or non exciting to say.
I've still been kind of trying to get back into a routine after being gone.
Being out of routine will mess me up for a week.

So we've just kind of eased back into school stuff. I mean we do school, but I've just lightened up on the timing of it. One thing I have definetly learned about homeschooling is that you just make it fit into your life as it is. But that is a blog for another day.

I have embarked on some healthier habits since I've been back.
And I told some people on Facebook I would blog about them today.
So here goes.
Some time back my sister started emailing me and harping;) on me about Cinnamon and Honey.

Immune System: Honey and cinnamon paste is good for boosting the immune
system, removing regular fatigue and increasing the longevity of an
It can also be used for treating colds and influenza.

Digestion: Honey and cinnamon helps in improving the digestive system,
remove gas from the stomach and intestine and treat stomachache, flatulence,
indigestion and bladder infections.
Itching: Paste of honey and cinnamon
often used to treat insect bites.

Skin Care: The benefits of
honey and cinnamon extend to skin care,
wherein minor skin infections and
pimples are treated with regular application
of a paste formed from these
two precious foods.

Hair Care: Honey and cinnamon also nurture hair,
reduce hair loss and
further increase hair growth.

Dental Care: Both
honey and cinnamon are individually used for dental
care. A mixture prepared
from the two is also useful in dental care,
particularly in removing bad
breath and toothache.

Weight Loss: A mixture of honey and cinnamon in warm water is
considered good for reducing weight. Of course, like any other weight loss
remedy, this comes true only when you ensure controlled diet and regular

Arthritis: The paste is good for bone health also and
helps in
providing some relief to arthritis patients.

Disorders: Honey and cinnamon is used for reducing cholesterol
levels and
thus provide health to your heart.

The email that Laura sent me actually was more helpful than this, but you get
the basic gist. Honey is good for you. So I have started doing
it twice a day.

The ratio I do is 2 TBLS Honey, 1/2 TSP Cinnamon, and 1 cup boiling
water. I actually really like it. I drink it in the morning before I
eat anything, and then Stacy and also drink a cup in bed before we go to sleep
at night. I've only been doing it since Monday, so the benefits are yet to
be seen. I do feel better in some ways, but it could just be a mental

I've also been watching my eating habits and cutting back. I've been using small plates and bowls. Also trying to cut back on carbs. I'm not eliminating them, just controlling them better. Drinking more water too. Anyways I'm trying to just be healthier but not be stressed about it, just do it to be healthier. I figure the results will follow.

Next week I get my tonsils out so things will again get crazy and out of wack, but I can still drink my honey and cinnamon! And after I recover from that, I will begin my new exercise regime. But thats another blog for another day.


heather said...

Don't like honey. Hate cinnamon. Like water. So 1 out of three ain't to shabby.

Marsha said...

I guess it's time I try it.

Dollar General said...

I had no idea...halfway through I thought you might be you are serious! I heard something about all the things a banana can do...if I find it I'll blog about it ;)

I hate you have to have surgery. I hope it proves worth it! I'll be praying for you (and the family)!

Anonymous said...

sounds tastier than apple cider vinegar.

Chuck said...

Saw a Surgeon General's report on honey and cinnamon water today. It stated that prolonged daily use (more than a week) could result in a sudden and irreversible elongation of the coccyx.

Just something to consider.

Michele Williams said...

Laura also told me about ginger, honey and hot water....She says she takes it for her upset tummies too....

We are all going to get healthier! Amen!

Aunt Michele