Monday, March 31, 2008

In the Clear?

Hopefully we are clear of the stomach bug. It seems that only little LanaLou was attacked and the rest of us have stayed well.
Of course I have not slept well the past 3 nights anticipating the next round.

The yucky yellow color of pollen is covering everything again.
My blog color is in honor of those who suffer as I do from the yellow pestilance.

If you like to try new things, scroll down and look to the right at my Spring recipes.
Well, there not mine...I mean I didn't invent them or anything.
I invent recipes and then don't write them down and then when the fam asks for it again I don't know what they are talking about.

Lana asked me in the car out of the blue the other day if when she grows up, will I buy her a cookbook? Funny how little girls are already thinking ahead to needing a cook book.
I should start collecting recipes for her now.
My Mom made me a folder of recipes before I went to college...I have since filled it to the point of it breaking with recipes from here and there. I'm sure I've never made half of them, but would like to someday.

Does anybody want to buy a car? If you do let me know.
I have found the perfect way for me to make some extra money.
Simply refer people to my husband to buy a car.
Yep, I did that recently and I got my first $100 referral fee!
Woohoo! So if you need a car, see Stacy and then I will collect my fee and take you out to dinner in your new (or new to you!) car...Wow, what a deal!

In case you don't know, I am the VBS director at my Church.
It is pretty much consuming my thoughts at this point.
Tomorrow it will be exactly 2 months away and wow do I have a lot to do.
This Saturday I go to a training day that should be very helpful and fun.

The weekend after next I get to go away on a MUCH needed girl weekend with my childhood friend, Stace'. We will be meeting and staying in a hotel for 2 days with no kids and no hubbies.
Thats right, only time on our hands! Can't wait. I may not know how to behave myself!

You are probablly wondering why in the world my blogs are so random of late...well that is because that is how I feel lately...random.

Well...we are off to the library. I cannot keep up with my son's reading addiction. We go to the library twice a week now because he runs out of books. Not that I am complaining.
Lana suddenly finds trying to learn to read as the ultimate punishment but would be content to sit and do math workbook sheets all day long. Go figure!

Gotta go put on my face and get out the door....


Anonymous said...

You should try for Logan. They have a list of books you can read and take a quiz, earn points, etc. One eager reader in my class likes it and 5th grade uses it and adds incentives to it.

Missy said...

Thanks for that tip Veazer...We just registered. This will be a great resource!

Marsha said...

Missy, that Lemon pound cake thingie on your sidebar is cruel and inhumane punishment for someone trying to lose weight!

Stace' said...

Why brown?

Marsha said...

Excuse me, but, Pepto Bismal pink? Is it because your font is looking a little, shall we say, green?