Thursday, March 19, 2009

Family Day

Yesterday we went to Oak Mountain for the afternoon.
I love Oak Mountain and I love my Family, so there ya go!
We even ran into our good friends Nick and Michelle and their kidos too.
If you knew Lana two years ago, then you know that the following pictures are shocking...

There was a day when she would scream bloody murder at the site of an animal up close, or anything dressed up. Now she is a tough girl!

Well, until it comes time to pick up worms!
Although, I will say, that at the end of the day we told her that if she would eat a worm we would buy her any pretty dress she wanted. Instead she took a worm off a hook and asked for a pretty dress. Sorry chic, that wasn't the deal!

Logan threw up in the morning before we left and didn't perk up until he got a Mtn Dew, a fishing pole, and some worms!

I love to watch Logan fish. He is so intent and I wonder what he is thinking about.
Everytime I've ever been around him at a lake with a fishing pole, he has the best time. I love having a typical boy that loves boy stuff like fishing!

And this picture I just love for obvious reasons!

We went on the "Tree Top Trail". In all my years of going to Oak Mtn, I have never done that. It was pretty cool and a great idea!

I love Oak Mountain, and I love my family...I want to do that everyday.


Marsha said...

Awesome pix of an awesome day with an awesome family.
Awesome. :)

care-in said...

These are some really great pictures! I'm glad to know there is hope for my animal fearing daughter!

allison said...

So - how has the childLESS week been going:) btw, great pics and looks like a gorgeous day.

Michele Williams said...

I love the picks too! Such a great day with your family.

michelle said...

I saw you guys too! hee hee. You guys are such a sweet family. I'm glad you all had fun :)

Laura said...

I love the pics. They make me want to cry.

Laura said...

I love the pics. They make me want to cry.

Laura said...

I love the pics. They make me want to cry.

Laura said...

I wonder why that came up 3 times like that?

Stace' said...

I am ready for the Before and After pics. Get on it!