Thursday, March 5, 2009

Real Life Day 4- Part Deux

~Finally got my pics to post...if you read part one, you may want to scroll down~

I have some good stuff for you today folks. Day 4 of my real life was a fun day.
Plus I ammused myself today, which is, well OK, not that difficult to do...but I do have a funny little story for you.

Last night Crissy and I were IMing on the computer and made arrangments to meet today at the park. Well sometime during the course of the night I had a very real dream that Crissy and I were IMing and she said she would just come pick me up. So this morning I told Stacy that I didn't need to take him to work cause Crissy was coming to get me.

I went back to sleep for a little while, and woke up because I thought my children were outside digging a trench in the back yard. I looked out the window to yell at them, and low and behold they weren't there. I realized I had just dreamed this in a very real and vivid way.
It got me to thinking...maybe Crissy and I did not discuss her coming to get me...So I looked at my chat history and SURE ENOUGH no record of that conversation. Yep, I had a very real, very realistic dream about this so called coversation. I'm a little scared to go to bed now I tell you.

Another amusing thing about my day was when I couldn't find my phone and IM'd Michelle and asked her to call my phone, which rang....dun dun dun....right next to me!
I'm telling you people, I am losing my ever loving mind!

Anyways, as it turned out Crissy and the kids came over here and we had a wonderful day.
I prepared us lunch and we ate....

First of all, I bought REAL Paremesan Cheese at Aldi. I am making Alfredo sauce later in the week and have never used REAL Parmesan before...let me just say that REAL Parmesan is very hard to open. Its like they seal the package 800 times or something.

But I finally got it, and sliced it with my slicer I got in Amsterdam, like they do in a restraunt!

Crissy, Maggie and I had a Caeser Salad bar. I sugar toasted some Almonds that I am thinking about even now, wishing that I had a handful in my mouth.

The kids had Pigs in a Blanket, Cheese Puffs, and Fruit Cocktail.

My back screen door has been half way off for some time, so Tye and Logan got their tools out and took it completly down....

Along with another old screen we had (yes people, we have screen issues), a couple paint tarps, duct tape, and some nails, they created this very fun club house.

Now you are probablly looking at this picture and saying "What the heck?"
No, its not a bunch of body bags...

Give up? Ok, I will tell you. Before Logan and Tye built that fort, Logan and Lana had been working on a fort of their own...out of wood and trash bags. They were trying to be like survivor man. The funny thing is that they used up all my trash bags last week, and so every day for a week I would say "Go out to the yard and get me a trash bag."
You know you live in Alabama when....


care-in said...

I love the phone thing!

FB was going nuts I had to get off. It kept posting your stuff three times.

michelle said...

aw, man the suspense is killing me!!! I can't wait.

Heather said...

You just crack me up sometimes Missy, thanks for the laugh this morning. It is freaky though to have such realistic dreams that seem so real to you but really didn't happen. Can't wait to see your pictures.

care-in said...

The trash bag thing cracks me up!

Heather said...

You sure do amaze me with your food ideas i guess I just don't have an imagination anymore. I need too be around kids again....hhmmmm.....pondering about that one. Well I have to take Travis to Friday Night Hoops at our Church talk to u later.

Marsha said...

You might be a redneck if...!!!

Oh my goodness, girl! I love you and my nutty grandchildren!