Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Real Life Day 3

Wednesday is my busier day of the week.
I take Stacy to work...usually entertaining him with my smart mouth and witty wit.
Yes, we only have 1 car. Wait, isn't this 1957?

Came home and did school with the kids...or was schooled by the kids, I can't remember which.
Then it was off to Aldi....

Look at all I can get at Aldi....any guess has to how much this all cost?
The razors and shaving cream , and the slim fast shakes did not come from Aldi.

Normally in the middle of Wednesday afternoon we would go to ballet and piano lessons...however after grocery shopping, Logan who is still getting over sickness, was coughing and feeling warm. He kept complaining about being tired, so we all took naps. He slept for 2 hours and seemed to really feel a lot better after the nap. Sometimes as a Mom I second guess my judgment calls...but letting him rest this afternoon proved to pay off.
Anyways....when I got up from my nap, I had a headache, but I also had 4 boxes of VBS orders waiting at my door! Woohoo, that is some fun stuff to look through.

Now this has been annoying me for days. Sunday night on Snow Day, I made Chilli. Lana dumped the rest of hers in the trash. Except she obviously missed the trash can.
I keep meaning to get her to scrub it off cause I assure you folks, its not my mess, I'm not cleaning it up!
I got on Aldi.Com today and looked at recipes. This was the first one I came across and I just so happened to have all the ingredients on hand. I modified it a bit, but all in all, I thought it was goo-ood! It's basically lazy mans (or in my case woman) Chicken and Dumplings.

Roll out crecent dough. I cut it into 18 pieces. Top it with some small pieces of cooked chicken.
Roll it up like little bundles. Top with Salt and Pepper.
Top with a can of cream of mushroom and half a can of chicken broth.
I think next time I will do two cans of crecent dough, 2 cans of cream of mushroom, and a whole can of chicken broth, cause what I made only took up half a 9x13 and I hate to only use half a can of broth.

Went to Church tonight, but I didn't take any pictures.
I didn't want to be THAT person.

So there you go people, my real life Day 3.


Marsha said...

That looks yummy! It's so nice that you amuse your hubby on the way to work. You are the highlight of his day, I'm sure.

michelle said...

Yes, it is 1957. At least we think so in our family anyway ;)

And this might be creepy of me but Stacy looks so cute laughing at your jokes :) That picture makes me smile. I can just picture your wittiness and him breaking out in that smile. Awwww....Missy and Stacy sitting in a tree... :)...or car in this case.

and I am going to guess $96 on the groceries.

care-in said...

Your recipe looks yummy!

I must visit Aldi when I come so I can cringe at how much I am spending for the same things.

Michele Williams said...

Busy day... I amuse my hubby and family too.... although I don't try to... I just do or say stupid or funny things... sometimes I even laugh at myself! lol....

allison said...

OK, you humoring your husband is soooo cute. I love that picture of him laughing. Normally Alf is the one that humors our family, I try but...and if you are not a big fan of sarcasim then Alf humoring us is not saying much:) BTW, the Tami-flu thing, crazy stuff!!!!

seabird said...

Wow, that dish looks delicious:)