Monday, March 30, 2009

Pleasant Noise

The kids are back.
How do I know?
Mario Kart is playing in the background, as well as some sort of made up Lana song.
Oh wait, and now here comes the griping at each other.
But I like it.
While I enjoyed their absence for the past week, I have also enjoyed their return.
As a Mother that also homeschools, my days are pretty much filled with the kids.
I would not have it any other way right now, it is where God has us, and I mostly enjoy it.
On the flip side of being a mother that homeschools, a week off here and there is a TRUE joy!
I don't have family here, so I don't get those weekly breaks. Therefore I gladly welcome the times my parents take them for an extended stay. Thanks Marmi and Pappy! You're the BEST!

I have to say though, I miss my kids when they are gone.
They are a part of me. They make me laugh, cry, relax and be lazy, or get out and be crazy.
OK sorry, I couldn't resist a ryhme!
But seriously, I like having them around. Who else is going to carry the laundry?
One day last week when I was home all alone for 12 hours, I forgot to eat.
Then when I went to find something to eat, all I could find was some graham crackers, PB, and grapes. See, they remind me to fix food.

I accomplished A LOT last week! Including the room makeover, of which I will try to take pictures of tomorrow.

Stacy and I had 2 fullish days to spend together and that was so nice. We played tennis, and golf, ate out, and watched lots of "Lost". It was just nice to hang out and see him relax from being off work.

And speaking of Stacy, I've gotta go pick him up from work...but I promise I'll get those makeover pics posted soon!


Michele Williams said...

I'm glad you had a nice time without your kids... but yes, you do miss them... As a grandma... it's nice having them for a while... but always nice to give them back to their parents too! LOL...

Oh, as for your comment on my blog... like you NEVER have gas!! LOL... It could happen to anyone... Right? LOL...

Stace' said...

I keep coming, waiting, hoping for those make-over pics. Get on it girl! I need inspiration. I am getting ready to take the plunge and paint that dank panneling in my kitchen that screams 1951.

Marsha said...

My home is quiet, but there are still reminders of the kiddos. Their room is a disaster. Dad's car is trashed. They left their coats in Dad's car. The bathtub toys are still sitting on the floor by the tub. There are a gazillion drawings laying around in every room of the house and the learning center. All of the sticks they gathered are still on the front porch of the learning center. And I think it's gonna stay this way for a little bit. It makes me feel like they are still here. Pappy and I miss them already!

allison said...

I am so glad for you to have that break. Im sure it was well deserved! And I cant wait to see the makeover:)