Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'll be home for Christmas...

Isn't it funny how we say we're going home when we're going to our parents house?
I've never even lived in that house, and yet I say I'm going home.
Oh well...It feels like home anyway!
We definitely enjoy being there.

The presents are wrapped.
The suitcases are packed.
The car is loaded.
We're about to take naps to prepare for our journey tonight.
There is a slight possibility of snow for Christmas.
We are stopping at Starbucks before we leave tonight.
AH, all is right with the world.

Well except the fact that I'm irritated with my husband.
I'm leaving a lot of laundry to deal with when I get home,
and it will most likely be raining when we leave tonight.
All was almost right with the world.

By tonight I will get over my irritation. I have no choice.
That is what you have to do when you are married. Like it or not.
Sometimes you have to do things for the greater good.

Maybe the Laundry Fairies will come down and take care of my laundry while I am gone.
I deserve at least that right?
And we will pray for safe travels and get out ahead of the rain.
So maybe all is at least tolerable with the world.

Merry Christmas all of my fellow bloggers. It has been a joy journeying with you guys over these past few months. I look forward to being blessed by your blog company even more in 2008!

I pray you all know God's love and grace even when all is not right with the world!

Love to all!!!


Crissy said...

I too love my blog family. Glad you're part of it.

Graced said...

About the No sugar issue. I don't even really attempt No sugar. What I do is avoid bad sugars like high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, white and brown sugars, etc. and try to use turbino sugar, brown rice syrups, honey, molasses and fruit sugars. There really are so many options out there that you can limit the "bad" sugars fairly easily. I like to eat as healthy as I can manage on a day to day basis and then enjoy the "naughty" foods without regret on occasion! The Bible calls for both moderation and feasts!

alli said...

woo hoo for feasts!!!

Hope your Christmas is awesome! Give my Auntie M a big o' hug for me!!