Monday, December 17, 2007

Insomniatic Ramblings

Notice the time. 1:30 am....What is wrong with me? I have been going and going all day and I can't stop. It's like I've been nesting for days and I'm not even pregnant. Good grief. I will be so worthless in the morning. But thats OK...I've decided that this week of school is going to be all about Christmas! Fun stuff huh!

Today was a good day.
We had great church service this morning.
Came home and did some cleaning.
Made homemade pizzas.
Took Lana to do her Christmas shopping.
Organized pictures on the computer.

Went back to church for Choir musical.
It was very good. Filled with worship and very God centered.
I enjoyed it emmensly.
Then we had our friends Ken and Gwendy and our Pastor and his wife over to eat the homemade pizzas.
We had a super fun time chatting with all of them.
We covered a wide variety of theological and life topics.

I was given 3 Christmas gifts today. And they weren't Gold, Francincense, and Myrhh!
What a very nice treat!
I am thankful for those gifts and for those givers.
I am thankful for new friends and friends that over time start to become more like family.
My friend Gwendy and I made arrangments to swap kids this week allowing us both time to wrap presents. Thats a good thing. She's a good friend :)

I can't beleive that we leave Saturday to go to Mom and Dads for Christmas.
I really want a white Christmas.
I REALLY wish Laura and the fam were coming to suprise us for Christmas.
I am going to make some White Trash this week. Oh my yum!
We are going to a Christmas party Monday night ( which I guess is tonight now).
We are playing dirty Santa. I hope I get the last number. I want to be really mean! Bwaa Ha Ha! (Kim Hill evil laugh)
I am going to bring Johnchies Jello. It is the best thing ever.
It is too hot in my house right now. Bald husband needs to get a night cap so he can absorb heat better. Or I should shave my head. HMMMMM..... is 1:43 now. I should go to sleep.
If you are an early blog reader, and you actually read this whole blog, please don't call me...I will hopefully, finally, be asleep!


BigDaddy said...

You seriously need to slow down (smile)!

-C said...

So the comment about "bald husband" made me lol. :) I think a nightcap for him would definitely be more fun than you shaving your head. ;) I had a night of weird-insomnia-3:30am-until-I-slept thing not many nights ago. I just couldn't turn off my head until it was utterly exhausted. ;)

heather said...

I am up till then alot I do not like it when my brain will not be quiet. Have fun tonight,I love playing Dirty Santa. I once made a little girl cry. She was not suppose to be in the room but she was and I feel guilty now every time I get out my signing bears. I did try to give it back but her parents would not let me.

Kim said...

OCD in me now...

I will so beat you the next time we play Scrabble.
Bwa, ha, ha, ha...

Missy said...

Thank you all wise Kim.
But it was freakin 1:30 in the morning!!!!

I will pour water on your head the next time we play Scrabble.

michelle said...

I hate it when that happens. But, I love the picture!

Marsha said...

It's sooo hard being your mother's daughter!

BTW - the Scrabble is set to go on the game table downstairs! Then Dad won't fuss at us for being to loud.

Kim said...

You know, she really did pour water on my head once when she was angry with me when we were college hopping. I just sat there in complete dis-BELIEF. Unbelievable.
You're lucky I still love you.
Or maybe that should be vice-versa.
I think I was being a be-yatch. Hard to believe, I know.