Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day O Fun!

Well yesterday was phase 2 of the cleaning process. I cleaned out 3 bags of stuff from Logans room. I'm waiting on Stacy to put together a bookshelf to put in there and then I will be done with that room too!
I also got all the kids clothes switched out and Stacy's winter stuff put up. I just need to finish a few of my things and then I will be mostly done with the bedroom portion of the house. Yeah!!!!

Today we have had family fun day. We got up this morning and headed downtown to the McWane Center. We go there just before the storms and left after them, so that was a nice way to spend a stormy morning.
We had a lot of fun. Our timing was good because it was getting crowded by the time we left.

The kids favorite part was the aquarium part, so I guess we definetly need to be taking a trip to the Georgia aquarium sometime soon. My favorite part was listenting to Logan tell us all these neat facts about the fish that he has read in books. It's fun to go places with a walking Encyclopedia!

We also enjoyed the nature room where you look at different animal skeletons. Lana ecspecially loved the many different butterflies they had displayed.

Hey Mom, I saw a great idea for the next time you and Lana get butterflies. They laminated them and then cut them out almost complelty to the butterfly shape. It looked really neat and was a much better way to scrapbook the butterflies.

Another fun thing was the "Tight Rope Bike". Logan was just tall enough to do it this time, so he and Stacy and I got to each try it. It was a little scary I must say! Stacy was brave enough to make it tilt...I chickened out on that part!

Stacy and Logan did the flight simulater. It was funny listening to them from the outside. They where screaming and having a fun time!

And as usual, one of the most entertaining parts of the day was Lana and her Lanaisms...
At one of the fish tanks she said...
"Now that is an exhibit!"
When she was bored...
"I wish I wasn't born yet and then I wouldn't have to be bored."
When her belly hurt...
"My belly hurts worse than being stabbed in the heart. But not with a metal sword, a gold sword."

She also got to pet a live bunny and now she wants one for her birthday.
Great, you know me and animals, I'll get right on that!
I don't know where she comes up with these things but she entertains me!
I decided after seeing that picture of me that I have to get my hair cut right now! I want a cute and trendy hairdo. I think I want to go short again, but stacked in the back and then layered down into my face.
We'll see what happens.
Well...I guess I'll go be productive now and finish putting away my winter clothes.
Stacy and Logan are playing xbox and Lana is watching PBS kids, so everyone is entertained. Only for a little while I'm sure.
Oh, that reminds me...I am apparently raising a male chauvinist. When Stacy and Logan said they where going to play xbox, Lana said..."Well what can I do?"
Logans response...."You and Mom can go upstairs and cook us some dinner!"
Boys!!!! Black and white and suttle all over!
Hope everyone is enjoying spring break. :)


Stace' said...

Sounds like a great day.

Go with a Victoria Beckham do. I think it would be SO cute on you. Sassy...

Kim said...

How fun! Ooo, I miss my husband. We need a family fun day. Go to the Little's blog (link on my blog) for Michelle's idea for Marli's birthday. It sounds like so much fun.

Anonymous said...

How fun, sounds like you had some good least I did!

-C said...

poor butterflies. ;)

Marsha said...

When y'all are up next month we'll have to go on a butterfly 4 wheeler ride. They should be out by then. I'll get the laminator cranked up!

Sounds like you all had a GREAT day! Family fun days are always the bestest days.