Monday, March 17, 2008

Phase 1 Complete!

Today I spent a very wonderful 4 hours with Virginia and Michelle and all the cute kidos. It was nice to get together and sit on Virges idealic screened in porch while Michelle made me laugh and the children frolicked without incident. (Except that poor little Chad hurt his knee and Lana got bit on the back by some insect... but besides that!) It's nice to have friends that you've known for a long time and it was fun to get together with them. And it was nice that my kids and Michelles kids got reaquainted and are friends now too!

Then I came home and started on Phase 1 of my house cleaning project.
Here are the before pictures of Lana's room. Really these aren't even completly accurate because last week Daddy made her put all of her dolls and stuffed animals into trash bags. So this is without even two bags full of stuff!

As you can see her room is tiny. I have her small dresser in the closet to save space.
So now here we are, hours later and 4, yes, 4 garbage bags later....and the addition of a toy box and taking out the kitchen set....

So now Mommy is happy that clutter has been removed and Lana is happy that she can again play in her room...which she did happily for a long time tonight!

Tomorrow is Logans room and the change out of the clothing in the drawers.
If I'm not sick that is....I have been cold all night tonight and feeling really blaa. Hopefully all I need is a good nights rest and a lazy morning of Little House on the Prairie and Kashi Heart Healthy O's!
Maybe I'll go sleep in Lana's room since it is now the cleanest room in the house. :)
Nighty Night friends.


Stace' said...

Looks great.

I hope this morning you are feeling better.

-C said...

clean rooms are absolutely delightful ... i should remember to take pictures. maybe you should hang them in her room to remind her and yourself of how nicely it looks when it's all done! :)

Marsha said...

And she willingly parted with 2 bags of dolls and animals?

It looks wonderful! I hope she leaves it like that. Is the kitchen going to come to NC for the church nursery :)

I'd say you had a very productive day. Hope you feel better really soon.

Love you.

PS Laura says 9:30 your time is the best to catch her online.

Abbey said...

WoW! Good job you! That's hard work, but always so rewarding.

Anonymous said...

Good job! You deserve a lazy morning of Little House!!

Marsha said...

And where are the pictures of phase 2 - Logan's room?