Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yardwork, Vomit, and This Week for Dinner

The final count on the pine cones was 200 and something according to Logan. (This I believe...the wheelbarrow is over flowing with pine cones)
Lana claims to have picked up 143 that I say a big fat yeah right!

Me, well I got to clean up vomit! Woohoo!
The trail was from the bedroom to the bathroom and then all over the bathroom floor and all over the top of the toilet. You know, basically everywhere but in it.

Ah, the joys of parenting. I now sit and brace myself for round 2.
Logan started to say a little while ago that his belly is feeling funny.
Yep, I bet it is!

On happier notes, I made a Strawberry dessert this morning that sits in the freezer all day.
Click here to see it.
It is from the Kraft food & family magazine. If you don't get that magazine, you need to!
It is FREE!!! Very handy.
Click here to sign up to get it...or if you don't like to get magazines, you can see the whole magazine on line. The website is a great place to find something to make for dinner.
I am making these potatoes for dinner. Thought it would be something nice and different.
That will go along with my own interpretation of Meatloaf.
Meatloaf is Logans favorite and I never make it the same twice, but he never seems to notice.
I was going to make asparagus too but I forgot to get some, so broccoli it is!

A helpful grocery store tip in case you don't already know.
Aldi the greatest store known to cheap Mom's...has milk for $1.99 a gallon!!!
At Wal-mart milk is up to $4.
I am positive they are losing money on milk, but making it up by the fact they you will buy other things. The link I just put in shows the locations in the Bham area.
They are building several others around here as well.
You must go! Don't be afraid of the off brands...everything I've tried has been good, except for the American cheese singles.
There bags of stir fry are great. All you add is your choice of meat.
Which of course you can get at Aldi for cheaper!

I am excited to make C's recipe she had on her blog this week for this Pesto Chicken Florentine.
Sounds yummy!
This week I will also make a salad that I had at Applebees one day that was so yummy.
It was a spinach salad with shrimp and hot bacon dressing.
Here are a ton of recipes for the dressing.

This week we will also have:
Stir fry from Aldi.
Soft Tacos from a box kit.
I liked this whole frittata meal by Rachel Ray and will at least be making some sort of Frittata with leftovers.
The grilled pineapple looked really good too!

I love to try new about you?
What are some things you are having for dinner this week?


Kim said...

My question is... why are you cooking at all? You know this thing is going to rip through your whole family. Now I'm going to go back and look at all your links.

Jeri said...

Oh dear, Missy, hope everybody else's tummy stays calm!! You're a good mommy. Thanks for the tip about Aldi...I've been a little leery of them but will definitely check them out now.

Here's a potato soup recipe I hear is really good. It's not really potato soup season, but I'm gonna make it anyway because it sounds so good! (This looks like a pretty good website, too.)

Hope to see you all healthy and happy at church tomorrow!

Marsha said...

Are you competing with C and Karen for the Link Queen title?

Wish I had an Aldi's...I just spent $145 at the only store in town today. Yes, I did have to stock up on meat this week, but still, ouch!

Your strawberry dessert link didn't work for me. It just goes to the cookbook cover.

Pesto Chicken dish looks yum! I think I'll do that this week.

Rachel Ray is the queen of frittata's! I've made some of hers before and love them. You're right about the pineapple spears. That'll have to wait for another week. I didn't buy a pineapple this week. I did get grapes, bananas and tangerines, though. Hope they last all week. Last week's seedless watermelon held up all week. Finished it off this morning for breakfast.

Hope Logan doesn't get sick... bless his heart.

Pip Pip and Cheerio! I think I'll have a cuppa tea and listen to Paul McCartney on my blog. He moves down to 2nd tonight. It was fun 'avin' 'im around.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

You mean I should be cooking? For the past two weeks I've been splurging and doing the grab 'n go from Super Suppers! I'm fine with cereal for supper but gotta feed the man!

Hope this sick stuff doesn't rip through your house!

Marsha said...

As I re-read this post to look at some of the recipes, I suddenly found myself so very thankful. You, the link queen, did not link us to video footage of the vomit trail! Thank you for using taste and decorum in your link choices. It's truly an inspiration to all of us.

A grateful reader