Friday, March 7, 2008

Must Whine!

Bear with me, it is my quarterly whining post about missing my sister and nieces in Africa. You can stop reading if you want to.

I received this picture via email today of my oldest niece and my youngest niece...the middle one is in a seperate picture. But look at these two! Wouldn't you miss those sweet smiling faces? I mean good grief, Sarah Beth for all of her strong willed dramatic displays over the years, is turning into this beautiful little girl. She is 6 now and the oldest of 3 living in Kenya Africa. She has so many responsibilities that the average 6 year old doesn't have. She is learning life lessons that most adults don't get or care to get. She is living without Disney Channel, PBS Kids, Chic-fil-A, and playgrounds, all for the sake of the Gospel. I dare say that despite her days of drama, Sarah Beth is working on living out the Gospel daily better than I am.

And what about this sweet little Savannah Breeze that I've never seen in real life? Recently we got to see video clips of her cooing and laughing and crying. I hated seeing her cry. I wanted to reach right through my computer screen and snatch her up. You can just see how sweet she is. I want to smell her and touch her. One thing I always remember about Sarah Beth is her smooth skin. That child has the smoothest softest skin in the world. Is Savannah like that too? Savannah Breeze who is 4 months old and is going to grow up surrounded by a lot of love from Natatadee, a dear sweet kenyan woman. In 2 years when they come home for a year, Savannah won't know me, but she will be missing Natatadee.

And don't even get me started on Summer Brook. She's my little personality clone. She's a nut. She's crazy. She's funny. I'm her best friend. Or at least when I was there she was. She has new best friends whenever someone else comes to visit. But in my heart, I am her best friend.
She's learning about friendship through the eyes of the Gospel. Shouldn't I be doing that too?
Of course I should, but I get wrapped up in hurt feelings and grumpy moods and busyness and forget to be a friend through the eyes of the Gospel.

I wonder what it will be like for these 3 sweet girls when they come home to America. Will they look at us all and wonder why in the world we live the way we do. Will they tell me I'm rich when all I ever do is complain that I don't have any money? Will they cherish every minute with their family here as much as we all will?

Today is one of those days that I have to remind myself why they are there.
My flesh wants them back in Atlanta where Laura and I could plan one of our fun day trips.
The Gospel tells me they must be there to live out daily the great commision.
My flesh wants to feel sorry for myself because I am missing out on their little lives.
The Gospel tells me that the Gospel IS life, and that is why they are there.
My flesh wants to be there again in Africa this year so I can be with those that I love and help share the Gospel among those people.
The Gospel tells me to preach the Word. To be ready in season and out of season. It doesn't say I have to go to Africa to do that. I need to be doing it here. And praying for those that are doing it there.

Oh my goodness how I miss my sister and those 3 little girls.
But Oh, how proud I am of them and the life God has called them to live.
I pray I will be His more diligent and faithful servant where I am, and I pray I am raising my children to be the same.
Thanks for letting me whine. Joy comes in the morning I know. But for today I just needed to let it out. I think in letting it out, God cheered me up a bit and reminded me that His Glory and His purpose are being served.


Kim said...

That wasn't whining; it was a reminder for me to live out the gospel.

That baby is such a chubby cutey!

Rachel Garcia said...

oh thanks missy.. this was such a wonderful post. I thank you for being so open. your heart is precious. And you are right.. those girls are adorable. i need to see a picture of your personality clone! lol

Marsha said...

sobbing...sniff, sniff, cough, cough...sobbing...sobbing... rrrriippp pop (sound of heart being ripped from chest of Marmi).