Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's a strange thing....

This blogging world...
It is an odd commodity.
We post these well thoughtout and sometimes not so well thought out posts, in order for whosoever will to read.
We then sit back anxiously and await the comments.
We sit and wait to be picked apart or laughed at.
We sit and wait for advice and encouragment.
Sometimes we don't care if anybody comments, we just have things to get off our chest.
Other times, we just amuse ourselves with our blog and wonder how we ever lived without it.
(Um...no I don't do that, I just mean some people might do that!)
And then there are the times that people care so much about what you say that they take the time to write you a nice lengthy email filled with advice and encouragment.
Or a friend might call out of the blue wishing you well because they read on your blog what a crappy day you were having.
Ideas are swapped.
Anticdotes exchanged.
But I must say the best thing about this strange thing we call blogging is the awesome community of believers that surrounds us from far and near and units as the ONE body of Christ.
So thank you body for the support and love you have showed me.
I thank God for you and for using something as crazy as a blog to minister in my life.


Stace' said...

Amen, and I have to say, this sounds like an acceptance speach for an award. Have you won something?

Stace' said...


Kim said...

I love to blog. I love to blog, knowing that I am moving and that I will still talk to my friends, via blog, at least a couple times a week. I had fun with you today. Logan had a great time (we even did some multiplication). We'll have to do again soon. And the ladies have to go bowling ALONE.

Anonymous said...

I love blogging too...makes me feel connected to you guys!

heather said...

I agree.

Rachel Garcia said...

i love reading your blog..even though i don't always leave a comment. i love blogging too!

Marsha said...

It's my way of spying on my adult children ;)