Friday, March 14, 2008

Little House, Rubbermaids, Egg Salad and Other Stuff on My Mind!

Man this week has gone by so incredibly fast. It went by so fast that I have declared that next week we are taking Spring Break. I wasn't going to, but after counting my days, I realized I have 11 disposable days and can still finish school mid-May. So next week is Spring cleaning.
Lana's bedroom is it is tiny. And because it is tiny, it gets over run with clutter, ecspecially considering she can't throw things away and gives new meaning to the term pack rat. So that is Mondays to do.
Tuesday will be Logans room...although his room won't be nearly as bad to tackle. Mostly just papers to throw away.
The rest of the week will be garage and office. If anybody wants to come help me the end of next week I will make you lunch and be your friend forever.

So right now the kids and I have gotten into the probablly bad habit of watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie in the morning before school. I think it has actually made us all happier. Next week it will be even more fun since it will be guilt free watching!

Something about this time of year makes me crave egg dishes. Last year it was deviled eggs. This year it is egg salad. So last night I boiled a dozen eggs and made yummy-mayo free egg salad. And lest you think mayo free egg sald is not good, I will assure you that is was yumminess.
My friend Gwendy came to lunch today and we didn't eat enough of it. Did you know that a dozen eggs makes a lot of egg salad? How long do you think I have on this stuff? My Mom says Sunday, but I am hoping longer.

I've been trying to swap out some of the rubbermaids. I hate the in between limbo weather. Next week I will just finish up and leave everybody some jeans. I have taken 8 bags of stuff to the thrift store and another huge box of stuff to a consigment store.

I discovered a great store yesterday. Steve and Barry's. As a grand opening special, everything is $8.98! I got Stacy and Logan both some pants and shirts (and they will match for Easter and be very cute) and I got me a pair of Sarah Jessica Parker's line of shoes.
I have recently discovered that I can indeed wear heals. I never thought I could before, but I am trying to grow up and suck it up and do it. I like them. Last night I just wanted to walk around the house in my new heels. Kim Hill would have been proud!

I'm in a weird mood these days. I don't know what it is. I'm not grumpy, but I'm not overly happy either. I'm just kind of existing if feels like. I have alot on my mind that has been overwhelming me a bit. It's a weird feeling. I feel like God is trying to teach me something but me in my humanness am not getting it.
Tommorow I go to Chattanooga with my friend Jeri (female Jeri!) for the Children Desiring God confrence and I think that will be very good for me.

Well, I guess I should go eat some of my over abundance of egg salad for dinner. The children are having waffles...I know, I know...Mother of the year, right here!


Marsha said...

Sorry we threw an "aachew" into your Chattanooga trip. I think Dad's more miserable able disappointing the kids than anything.

Why do you still not have the new blogger sign in thingie I wonder?

Kim said...

WHERE, pray tell, is Steve and Barry's? Must know. Matching outfits for the kiddies? Gotta have it.
When you say "mayo-free" what do you substitute it with?
Heels are not as intimidating as they sound!

Stace' said...

You know cream cheese is her sub for mayo, everytime!

Missy said...

Mom- It's OK...The Thunder storms this morning were really bad and we wouldn't have been able to leave on time anyways!
Hope Dad is feeling better today!

Kim- Steve and Barry's is in the old Wal-Mart in Centerpoint...the same shoppping center as Americas Thrift store. I got Stacy and Logan matching clothes.

Stace- Ding! I actually used half a block of fat free cream cheese and a container of FF Sour Cream. Hmmmm good!
I know what I'm having for lunch today.

Marsha said...

Missy, are you aware of the fact that an abundance of digested egg salad causes gas of the smelly kind? I hope it doesn't hit during church Sunday.

Marsha said...

You've inspired me to make egg salad this evening...but with mayo.

-C said...

um, i'm imagining your egg salad to be just smashed eggs ... what else is in it if not mayo? help!