Friday, February 29, 2008

Really Really Trying!

I have been trying to do Weight Watchers since the first of the year. You know all a part of our 40 in 40 campaign.
It seems like I have had set back after set back as far as trying to consistantly do the tredmill.
I do it for a day or two, and then stuff gets in the our month of sickness!
So this week my goal was to do it 3 times. I haven't even done it once!
My brain is so one tracked sometimes. I've been thinking about VBS this week.
Well that, and school, and cooking, and laundry, and work, and Oh yeah, being a good wife!
So maybe it's not one tracked, so much as it is selectively tracked.

Why can't I make the tred mill a priority?
It stands there staring at me. I hate its evil glares. I hate its moaning calls..."Missy,Missy, Missy"
AGHHH! It's like I just put a pillow over my face and drowned it out.
I've never been a good excerciser. The only time in my life that I was a good excerciser was 4 years ago when I joined Curves! Let me tell you, I was on it! I lost weight, I toned up, I felt really good about myself.
But do you know what happens when you have to stop going to Curves? All of that toning turns to flab that is harder to get off.
I miss curves. I wish our lifes schedule allowed me to go back. But they have odd hours and no child care. Alas, the story of my life.

The eating side of things I am improving rapidly at!
Even my kids are seeing a difference.
Yesterday we were out all day and we went to Subway for lunch.
Logan said, "I love Subway, its healthy and like a Weight Watchers Restaraunt."
Lana has always loved fruit, but now she is saying "I'm going to have an apple for snack because that is the healthiest choice."
Today we had Caesar Salad with some crushed bacon, and grapes for lunch. To my suprise they all liked it. Great little 8 point lunch.
I've been eating Oatmeal for breakfast and fiber bars for snack.
I'm doing well in that regard.
I've had a few bad moments too, like the other night when I ate a slice of Pizza and 4 thin mints, knowing that I was at the end of my points for the day.
But really, I was starving! Plus you do get the extra points for the week. Plus I just really love thin mints!
I am also doing great on increasing my water intake and lowering my Splenda intake.

So all in all the eating part is doing good, the excercising part not so much.
Our scale is whacko and so I don't know if I've lost.
I do feel a difference in my waist a little bit. Thats good right?

Oh well...I'll just keep plugging along and try harder! Really Really, I will!


Dollar General said...

It sounds like you are doing really good to me! I hate weight watchers - I could eat all my points in one meal. I cried the first week or so. I quit too! HA! I HATE the teadmill too - I would rather go Jazzercise and Hour than do 10 mins on a treadmill. I loved my Jazzercise Days. I was constantly being made fun of b/c I get obsessed with things and it had results for me like your curves experience! I hope I love it again one day!

But really Missy I think the key is don't give up - and small changes are easier to make than than a bunch of changes! I think you are doing good - being aware and having a struggle is a good thing - it means you haven't thrown in the towel - (the workout towel that is)! HA!

Have a good weekend.

Stace' said...

What she said...

Hang in there girl. When you are ready, it will happen. It has before, and it will again. Just don't quit.

Besides, you look marvelous love!!!

heather said...

You are beautiful and making little changes and keeping them are very good and in the long run that counts allot. Just keep on keeping on and you will get there. And there is happy not how many pounds you lose.

Marsha said...

You just gotta hate heredity. BUT, just like anything else, we don't have to be tied to our genes. It can be undone. The power of the cross, death, burial and resurrection can be unloosed and victory won. My story is 'his-tory'. It will end bringing glory to Him.