Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy 1st Day of Fall!

What a beautiful day! The weather channel forecast said "Abundant Sunshine" for today.
I feel like singing Yippidee doo day, Yippidee A, my oh my what a wonderful day!

Plans for the first day of Fall:

1. Make an Apple Tart
2. Decorate the living room.
3. Kids decorate the den.
4. Put new Fall tablecloth on the table.
5. Light Pumpkin Spice Candle.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Marsha said...

Love the new blog look! Happy first day of fall!

I'm over at the Learning Center. I've got a Pumpkin Spice candle burning, vegetable soup in the crock pot and John Denver on the CD player. Doesn't get much better than this.

Had a great time this weekend. Just sorry I conked out Saturday night.

Anonymous said...

ooo what a pretty new layout. makes me yearn for cool weather, orange and yellow leaves, candy apples, and a new baby!

michelle said...

I LOVE your new page! the quote, the picture of the day, all of it.

And how bad do I wish I was at your house today?

This morning as I was walking around doing my rounds at work my flip flop broke. I was so glad it did because I had to finish my rounds barefoot and the grass was so cool on my feet. When I got home I opened my windows for just a little bit. Yay for fall.

michelle said...

OK, you inspired me. I need to get some Autumn in my house NOW!

heather said...

I love the fall. Pumpkins make me happy. Happy Fall!!!!

Michele Williams said...

You are making me home sick!

Aunt Michele

Ginger said...

Look at you all festive!

Love the new look! I LOVE Fall too!!

Abbey said...

Like motha like daughta!! You people amaze me!! Can we say, "On the ball?"
Good for you!
And now I'm inspired!
It's only 10:30... why not??

Laura Leigh said...

Autumn is my favorite time of year, so ... LOVE the George Eliot quote.

Jeri said...

Hey you exuberant girl, I thought about you yesterday but could. not. get. to. the. computer.

It was a lovely day and there is another one today. It's a nice time of year.

care-in said...

Love the new fall look!

Maggie said...
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Tiffany Stuart said...

Cute blog. Loved the post with all the questions. I didn't take the time to answer, but I read others. :)