Monday, September 1, 2008

Some days are Diamonds...

Somedays, well are just plain hard.

Today was a traumatic day for my daughter and I.
It appears that PMS starts in girls very early, and from the time she woke up, Lana was an emotional mess.
If you know my child, you know that she is normally a happy, sweet child.
Today however she cried on several different occasions at the drop of a hat.
And I don't mean just a little tear. I mean big time sobs.
The last big cry, was a warranted cry however.

As you all know, she has recently had a room makeover. Which of course included a new bedspread.
She has also been told not to draw, color, etc...while sitting on the bed.
Well apparently yesterday she decided to use some markers, while sitting on her bedspread.
They soaked through. She tried to hide it...

Until today!!!
I saw it. I simply looked at her and she broke out into trembling sobs.
All I could say was "Sit on your bed".
Long story short, I sprayed the thing like crazy, soaked it, and then sat at the computer for 20 minutes playing a game so I could gain some composure.
Poor Logan came down and said "Mom, I think Lana is having a baby or something...she's screaming like crazy."

I then "dealt" with her, and then made her take a 2 hour nap so she could regain some emotional stability. After that, she has been back to her happy normal joyful self.
Her Daddy even took her out to Starbucks tonight. ( already a planned no way a reward for deceitful and crazy behaviour).

Somedays I would just prefer not to be a Mom. It would be so much easier to not deal with disciplining. This is not the first time that Lana and I have had bedspread issues. When she was 3 and got her new bedspread for her first big girl bed, she painted her nails on it...nail polish comes out of nothing!
I am sure that there is a lesson for me in all of this. I am sure that God is not concerned with Lana's bedspread, but rather how I deal with her in her disobedience.
It is very hard to discipline a little girl that is doing the whole "I-I-I-a-a-am so o ory that i i i d i id that."

I realize more and more how important it is to deal with the heart issues with my kids. The issue was not that she got marker on her bedspread...the issue was that she willfully disobeyed and then set out to deceive. That is the issue of the heart that we have to deal with.
This is where I have to point her to the Gospel and say...
"Our hearts are deceitful and wicked, BUT GOD before he layed the foundations of the earth, new that, and provided a Saviour so that we don't have to live in the trap of deceitful and wicked behaviour. God has given us a way out through His Son Jesus."
This is were she has an opportunity to respond. Recognize her sin, confess it, and accept God's grace, or not recognize it and repeat the same behaviors.

Somedays I hate being a Mom, but when at the end of that day I realize that God has given me the opportunity to show my kids the Gospel, I can do nothing but raise my head in awe, and look forward to the opportunities of tomorrow.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, I did get almost all of the marker out.


Anonymous said...

O Wow! I almost spit my coffee all over the monitor when I read what Logan said. Too funny.

I personally think you handled it very very well. You could have flown off the handle and turned into a crazy person too, but taking a break and thinking of the issue as a matter of heart is very wise. I think that's probably the whole point.

Poor Lana. I have a neice that does this too, however she's older and she's getting more deceitful. Needless to say when they are 12 years old and try it, it's not as sincere!

Logan is still cracking me up. O, he has so much to learn about us women!

michelle said...

Awww, Missy I wish you would come over and preach the gospel to me for being decietful;) I'm glad you got most of the stain out. Not that it was the most important thing but I bet it even helps Lana to feel fresh and forgiven! It is HARD being a parent sometimes:(

Jeri said...

What a tough day; what an opportunity; what mercy and good news; what a Savior!

Jeanny said...

I about fell on the floor when I read what Logan's answer was to Lana's problem. Glad you got most of the marker out.

If it helps, I think you're a pretty cool mom. :)

Marsha said...

THAT's why she was an emotional mess all day. She was living with guilt because she knew she had deceitfulness in her heart and she was being terribly convicted.

I love seeing God work in my grandchildren's lives.

Did you try Oxyclean? It will get ANYTHING out.

care-in said...

Wow...I appreciate you sharing how you handled that...a BIG reminder for me in how I handle Elliya.

My mom uses the powder dish washer soap and makes a paste out of it with water. She puts some on the stain and let's it sit. It's amazing what she can get out.

Michele W. said...

It is so wonderful to see how God is working in your life and the lives of my grand neice and grand nephew. God bless you dear.

Aunt Michele

care-in said...

Seriously, you could do those fancy thumbtacks...they are incredibly easy.