Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sleepy, Beachy, Packed and Peachy?

I don't know people! These sleeping problems I am having are making me dilusional!
I fell asleep at 3am and woke up at 5:45 and couldnt go back to sleep. I should have called Kim.
Really, I cannot keep going like this. Hopefully this weekend I will get some sleepy sleep time sleep!

We are packed up and ready to go.. Don't know if we're peachy yet...but oh, we will be.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words of encouragment about our day yesterday.
Our day was nothing in comparison to the problems that so many others face, and yet somedays somethings just feel a little sad and oppressing. Stacy's grandma is still holding her own, but I don't think they expect her to live much longer.
We will probablly not go to the funeral. Some things are just better left the way they are left.
Stacy is glad he got to spend some time with her and I am glad for him too.

This weekend has been much anticipated and I think yesterday just reminded us both that there are bigger things happening in our world. But God is still soveriegn and is merciful to His children. We are thankful that He has made the way for us to enjoy a much needed break for our family.

So with that my bloggin friends. I sign off for a few days. I don't know how I will live without the computer for 4 days, but hopefully somehow I will survive. I will survive, hey hey!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Love to all of my peeps :)


Anonymous said...

I'm having sleep issues too. I really don't like having to take Tyelenol PM every night to get a good nights rest. I'm scared I'll become dependant on it, and that is not a good thing pregnant or not. My sweet friend, I pray for rest and relaxation for you this weekend. You know it may not be a bad idea to see your doctor about your sleep issues. He may prescribe you a mild mild sleep aid. I used one two summers ago when I first got my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. My main reason for missing sleep back then was because of pain. But the sleep aid he gave me did not leave me hung over and lots of times I just took a half a pill.

I guess I had a good time at Aldi's, alone! lol. It wasn't that bad. I need to start wearing my tennis shoes to go grocery shopping because my back hurts me after a while. But I did get over a weeks worth of groceries for 65 bucks. Can't beat that! Go Aldis!

Have a great holiday with your family. May you all get the rest you deserve.

Marsha said...

A shot of Vodka - straight up. Nighty night! ;)

Mary said...

I personally just don't see how you're gonna survive the next few days without the BOOK!
Don't blame me if you just get bored and half Edward withdrawls...
Well...Maybe now you'll get some sleep.

Laura Leigh said...

Hope your time is restful and good family bonding time.

michelle said...

Have Fun!!!

Kim said...

I hope you have a great weekend. Take Tylenol PM with you. And maybe a leetle bit of hard liquor.

Stace' said...

Have a BLAST!!!

valerie said...

Have a fun time and be safe!

heather said...

Hope you guys have a blast. Can't wait to see you at church next week. I miss you. Hope the hurricanes leave you alone.

Michele W. said...

Have a safe and refreshing trip. I love the beach. Exactly where are you going?

Oh, I can't believe my sister said Vodka! Shame on you sis! Brandy helps too! lol!!!! We're bad!

Michele Williams said...

Hey Missy, I have an interesting tag that I know you will want to do... lessons you learned from your mother.... go to my post to read more....

Aunt Michele