Saturday, September 20, 2008


My parents are here.
Dad is watching golf.
Mom is upstairs playing a game with the kidos.
That leaves me...sitting myself...with no one to bug me!
How fun is that?

Today was a fun day.
You know my parents live in the mountains, so uh, yeah, Mom doesnt get out alot.
This is good and bad.
When they come usually Mom, Lana and I spend the day shopping.
She wears me out!
But today was goooood.
They finally opened a Gardenridge in the ham.
If you've never been to one, I can only describe it as Home Depot for women.
Go, you will love it. It has a unique, fallish, smell, and you can find everything you need to decorate any room. Yes, I am a walking advertisment!
I got a new fall tablecloth and pumpkin spice candles for me, Mom, and one to send down for Laura. MMM....I will not light it until Monday...the official first day of Fall!!! It will also be decorating for Fall day.
I love to decorate for Fall. It makes me so incredibly happy.

We went to Irondale Cafe for lunch.
YUMMMMMOOOOO!!! Oh my gosh, if you have never been there, then shame on you and shame on me for being in Birmingham for going on 12 years and just now going.
The Fried Green Tomatoes are unbeatable, the Fried Okra was amazing, the Squash was scrumptious, but the best part was the Macoroni and Cheese. Really, I don't know how they make it so creamy and buttery and cheesy and just plane daddgum good. We bought some to bring home for my Dad and it was even better after having sat in the car for 3 hours.
I will be going back. You wanna come?

Logan and Dad spent the day together (Stacy is of course at work). Dad bought Logan an MP3 player and so he has been working dilligently at downloading stuff on to it.
He feels very happy and grown up and Pappy is more than happy to have spent the day with his favorite (and only) grandson.

Lana, Mom and I came home and had our traditionally tea party. Lana is getting really good at being a tea party hostess. Mom is a good tea party teacher.

Our day was filled with getting stuff for Laura and her girls for Mom to take with her to Africa in November. Days like this I miss her ALOT....I'm sure her reading about our day probably makes her miss us too. We count the days until March 2010 when we all sit down and have a tea party together again! It's a very fun tradition and one I think the girls will all hold dearly over the years. uninterrupted time has just been interrupted by Logan checking the status of his syncing.
Guess I'll go get ready to go out to dinner...That's right...I don't have to cook tonight either!
As so many of my blogging friends are saying...Woo to the Hoo!!!


Kim said...

Glad you had fun today... I love the Whistlestop Cafe. Such good food.

Mary said...

"IIII'MMM gonna open it...YOU'REEE not allowed to cut anything. Cause YOUUU might CUT yourself again, then WEEEE'LLL have to call our MOOMMM to call YOURRR mom to come and GET you, THENN WEEE'LLLL have to call JEANNY to come an watch us...I'M opening-- *Gasp* BEARY! Sit UP!!..."
Ah...Tea parties with Lana are...Interesting...

I wanna go to the Whistle Stop!!
My favorite movie...
My dad ate there one time...
Said it wasn't that great...At all...
Even the tomatoes...
Maybe it was the cook.
I have yet to have eaten fried green tomatoes better than my grandfather's...
(Even father's...Shhh...)
So...I'd like to taste their's one day...

Laura Leigh said...

Do you think your mom would adopt me? Gardenridge. Whistlestop cafe. Tea parties. Sounds like the greatest sort of girl's day out!

care-in said...

Sounds like fun!!

Michele Williams said...

I am so glad you all had such a wonderful time! I wish we could have been there too.

Aunt Michele

Anonymous said...

i'll come with you next time. i love fried green tomatoes, the food and the movie! sounds like a fun day. i want a tea party too! this is why i need girlfriends. little boys just aren't into tea parties.

michelle said...

Um, Woo to the Hoo!!!? (or as I would rather say Woo to the Poo)

Good! I'm glad you had such a relaxing time :)