Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm it!

Yippidee dooda, Yippidee A...You get to learn about parenting from me today!

Michelle has tagged me for this bit o fun. Plus my Aunt Michelle tagged me the other day to do what I learned from my parent or about I will tie them all in together.

Sadly I don't have all the cool pictures like Michelle and others you'll just have to take my word for it!

1. Do not let your 11 month old eat sand...sometimes there is dog poop mixed in and trust me, a fiasco will follow.

2. Do not let that same 11 month old spin around the room with a pillow. It is not funny and stitches are sure to follow.

3. 18 month olds should not run in aquariums. This also will usually end in stitches.

4. Toddlers should not be left alone with a sick pregnant woman. They will get there own drinks...out of the toilet. This will result in a sick pregnant woman taking care of a sick toddler.

5. 3 year olds cannot be trusted with there 1 year old sisters (that can't walk yet) while you take a shower. They will trap them under a box.

6. 3 year olds cannot be trusted with finger nail polish in their rooms. They will try to paint the nails of all their dolls and themselves, and will ruin everything in their path.

7. 4 year old boys that are obsessed with Spider man should not be left alone while wearing spider man costumes. They will jump off of things and poke holes in their lip with their tooth.

8. Please secure your carpet...4 year olds can trip easily while carrying a beach ball, resulting in a fall that can break their arm.

9. 4 year old girls can have their hearts broken. I assure you this is a pitiful sight and should be handled by a Mother. Dad's tend to want to beat boys up...even if they are 4!

10. If you see your 5 year old heading outside wearing roller skates, you should preface not to use them on a trampoline. This also will result in yet another ER trip.

11. 5 year olds should not use microwaves.

12. The prayers of a 5 year old are usually answered quickly.

13. 6 is a good year to re do a kids room. They tend to think you are the greatest, and whatever you do to their room should last until they are a teen.

14. When your youngest turns 6 you realize you don't have a baby, toddler, preschooler anymore and it can be a little sad :(

15. 6 year olds are curious about undergarments.

16. 7 year olds are very helpful when you are sick. Who doesn't love a good old peanut butter and cheese sandwich?

17. 7 year olds don't know how high is too high to climb a tree.

18. Upon turning 8, children all of a sudden try to use sarcasim, and sometimes can't use it properly.

19. 8 year old boys think they are too big to hold hands with their Mom in the parking lot.

20. 8 year olds have to learn hard lessons like...don't try to kill bees with your bare feet, they will sting you!

So there you have it, 20 parenting tips or warnings...however you would like to read them!

I tag whoever wants to do it next. Come on, you KNOW you want to!


Marsha said...

Well, obviously you didn't learn anything from me in that list, so I guess I'm releaved - no embarrassing moments for me today:)

Marsha said...

Your aunt spells her name with one L.

michelle said...

I knew you would have the BEST advice EVER!!! I loved this. I laughed so hard. You have had quite a parenting experience already. We could all learn a few things :)

and I loved, "The prayers of a 5 year old are usually answered quickly." we have found this to be true also.

valerie said...

I laughed out loud at my desk at work!!!!! Oh my goodness, covering your sister with a box! how funny!

Anonymous said...

I take it the staff in the emergancy room knows your names by heart.

Rachel Garcia said...

my word you could buy a car with all the copays & deductibles you've paid! great stuff...funny..well now anyways.

Kim said...

I remember every single one of those happenings.

Jeanny said...

Thanks, I wrote all of those down for the future :)

Jennifer said...

I think it might have been my 4 year old that broke your 4 year olds' heart????? Ah skates and trampolines- good times.

Dollar General said...

This is so funny. I'm at work just giggling but I want to belly laugh at some of them! I don't know if I could have handled the pictures! I would have probably had to laugh out loud then! VERY FUNNY - thanks for the laugh!

Michele Williams said...

Great list.... Any of this from your mother?

Love ya!

Jeri said...

Very funny!! Logan and Lana are good teachers.

Michele Williams said...

Hey sweetie... I hear you are under the weather... I pray you will get well soon.

I have some bloggie awards for you my dear niece.

Love you

Stacy said...

Thankfully the mom gets to handle most of this stuff due to the fact that:
1) Dad's couldn't stomach dog poop
2) We do want to hurt even 4 yr
old boys that hurt our girls.
3) We tend to encourage all the
things that lead to emergency
rooms cuz we think it's cool.