Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Amusing Logan

I am constantly amused by my 7 year old. Logan is currently obsessed with dinosaurs. When we go to the library he gets only books about dinosaurs. We of course have to be careful about some of that stuff, but he is obsessed. He is consantly drawing, reading, and "building" dinosaurs.
If you've heard of the Creation Museum, or the Answers in Genesis programs, you may be familiar with Buddy Davis. He is paleantoligist/creation expert. Logan has learned alot from his stuff.
Well, yesterday in the car Logan said...
"Mom, can Buddy Davis be my little "g" god?"
I was very tickled by this and then of course explained no, but he could be his mentor. That resulted in a phone call to the Creation Museum today to ask to speak to Buddy Davis. I had it on speaker phone so I could hear the person on the other end. She was very kind and polite and to my suprise did offer his email address.
So Logan painstakingly typed an email to Mr. Davis, were he included our town and zip code as well as my cell phone #. I deleted that part of course, typed a little note on the bottom that this was a parent approved letter and thanked him for his time.
So there we have it,Logans little "g" god has been invted to our home offically to build dinosaurs with a 7 year old. I'm sure he gets emails like this all of the time, but I truly hope he returns this one!


Anonymous said...

How great! Have you seen their book, D is for Dinosaurs?

Kim said...

That is so awesome! Ty wrote Pres. Bush a letter once. He received a form letter and photo which he totally thought was a personal response. He was completely satisfied and thrilled.

Sorry... just realized that I'm under Kim's name... this is Crissy.

Stace' said...

How precious!!

I want to know as soon as Buddy gets in touch with him.

You should have told him "no, he can't be your god, but he can be your BUDDY"!

I crack myself up.

Rachel Garcia said...

that is hilarious. i too want to know if he responds to the email. that would be cool. and i never thought about writing the president. i wonder if they show him only the "kind" letters.

Marsha said...

That's my OCD Grandson! Gotta love him. Dad and I laughed and laughed about the little g comment last night. We went to Fontana and had dinner, supposedly with Adam. He was a one man show last night. We also spent some time with Kelly.