Monday, November 12, 2007


Logan was in the play, "The Great Cross Country Race" over the weekend.
He had the very small part of Slither the Snake, but I think the overall experience of being a part of it was good for him. He got to make some new friends, and enjoy the commoradere of being part of a production. It was a very good production for a homeschool group!
Friday night after the play, we went to Jim and Nicks with my parents.
Logan ordered Riblets and fries and then fell asleep.
He slept the whole entire time we were there and had to be carried out.
Boy, imagine if he would have had a big part!!!!

Lana with Marmi & Pappy
Good times, Yeah!


heather said...

The play was so wonderful. i adore your Mom she came up to the chili window at the craft show and was being so funny and got my sense of humor right away I love when people get me. So is it time to start up rehearsal for next years play?

Marsha said...

Excuse me, Missy...But I did not authorize that picture of me! I want Kimmy Sue to get her hands on it or someone who can airbrush it!

PS My contract from TCW was in the mail when I got home! Yeah!

Rachel Garcia said...

aww.. he looks so cute. I bet that fabulous seat had some drool left on there by the looks of them there z's.

Marsha-no airbrushing necessary. ;-)

Stace' said...

Sleeping snakes are my favorite!!

I can only imagine the looks you got in Target with your fella's taped up sweat suit. Love it!!