Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Idea Swap

I thought it would be fun with Christmas fast approaching, to swap ideas!
I have posted some links to the left of some good websites I found.
If you have any good websites or resources, please comment on them here.
Also, if you have any good ideas for gifts for teachers, neighbors, church staff, etc... post those as well!
We have a great group of very creative people here and I would love to glean from you all as we enter this time of year. Which by the way, can you believe Thanksgiving is NEXT week? My goodness, where does the time go? I was just thinking that next Friday I will probablly put up my tree and start decorating for Christmas. WOW!!!
Oh, and on a side note, I am IN LOVE with the white trees with colored lights! I told my Mom that I really want to suprise the Family and get one for the den. I will still do my regular tree upstairs. Well I opened my big mouth the other day when I was at WalMart with Hubbie and he freaked out. He thinks they are hidious and that I am crazy! How dare he???
So do any of you have a Christmas tree desire that is out of the norm?
And don't forget about giving ideas!


Crissy said...

I love the white trees with colored lights. It makes me think of snow and gumdrops. Which is funny cause I hate gumdrops. Well, the taste anyway... I love the looks of them. Let's be completely disobedient and buy them anyways!

Dollar General said...

I like the white trees too and I don't say it a lot b/c I get the reaction you got...Oh well!

Virginia said...

I will so be posting some ideas here when the kids get down for a nap (they are both sick- joy of joys).

I really want one of those tinsel trees in hot pink and lime green. Not like, for my main tree... but like, in our playroom. I know, I'm a freak. :)

-C said...

D's granda has a flocked tree every year ... I love it but I'd never want one of my own. The red, green and gold ornaments and balls stand out so much on a white tree. The contrast is amazing and it looks just like snow has fallen right in her living room. :)

It's not for Christmas, but I'm going to do this before the week is out ... it seems like thanksgiving gets swallowed up by the other holidays ... and maybe I won't feel like we didn't do anything if I end up not cooking a turkey. :) Here's the link:

-C said...

ok, that was supposed to be grandMa.

Kim said...

Um yeah, I have great links for Christmas ideas. Her name is MISSY LOWERY. Well, Virge is brilliant, too.

I like real trees and I really want one this year, but my little, cheap heart says "NO". We'll see.

Missy said...

Crissy...If I do buy one, (in my defense), I don't THINK he said NO outright. I think he just said they are ugly and I am crazy...so really I won't be disobeying right????

V- Love the tinsel trees! And bring on the ideas!
C- I am talking about all white trees, not the flocked ones (although those are cool too!)

Page- Meet me at Wal mart and we will ogle the trees together!

Kim- I know, me too! I already have a fake tree. If I want to spend $30 on a real tree, why not just get a white one that will last for years to come? Right?!

Marsha said...

Re-ask the question to Stacy. Tell him you don't want to do anything he doesn't approve of. That alone will wow him. As you make your case, tell him how it will be "the fun tree" that will be full of memories for your kids.

As you know, what kind of "new" tree does your mother want this year? That's right, she lives in a forest surrounded by trees, but she wants to put one of those white "stick" trees with lights on it out in the yard. Your dad will probably tell me to cut down a branch, spray paint it and throw on some lights!

heather said...

My husband does not like a fake tree either but I agree he just called you crazy he didn't say no and besides crazy people don't listen very well.Being crazy is fun.

Missy said...

Heather cracks me up!

Stace' said...

Tell hubby you have big plans for him under the tree. Sorry, couldn't resist...

Virginia said...

Hmmm, I think Stace` has the best plan. ;) LOL

Ok, here we go with a link-fest of ideas:

This one I have made before, and it's really fun and customizable. You can store the magnets on the back and each day add a new one.


You could get the kids involved in making the different squares. Walmart sells a pack of 3 cooking tins for $3, or you could check out the Dollar Tree.

Another idea, using the same thing, is to do an advent calendar.

Here are step by step instructions to do it:


Speaking of advent calendars, here's one using a muffin tin.


The girl made each square to cover the "holes" on a mini muffin pan tin, and put magnetic strips on the side to attach it. Inside each "hole" is a little treat.

Here are instructions & a pic of yet another advent calendar:




is really cool looking, and the directions look pretty simple, plus the lady has step by step pics. It would be great to do a year-in-review type photo thing!

A friend of mine made one, here's hers:


I liked the colors she picked. :)
Someone suggested also that you could put pics in it of all your Christmas mornings and have it sitting out during the holidays.

This is a pretty nifty idea:


You can get the masks she refers to at Michael's or Hobby Lobby (they are a brand called Heidi Swapp). They are only $1.99. Or you can come over and use mine. ;)

Here are some various ideas:


I'm so making some of these:


Here are the complete directions:


This is a .pdf file (so you'll need Adobe to open it) of "Christmas Spirit" ideas. One girl had the idea of printing them on pretty paper and then filling up a decorated "Christmas Spirit" box... you pull one out each day of the holidays and do it. You could give it as a gift, too.

I know a lot of these are more Christmas crafts than regular gifts, but I know I've got more ideas floating around. :)

Marsha said...

Wow, Virginia! And your kids are still sick? You must've drugged them with cold meds to have enough time to research all this. I know what I'll be doing later tonight!

Missy said...

And the Spirit of the Blog Post Award goes too....
VIRGINIA!!!! You get a virtual "A" for all your hard work! I can't wait to look up these sights.

Also, I have looked at 3 dollar trees for those trays. If you read this tonight or in the morning can you please post the exact location in Moody Dollar tree as I will be out there today.
I have everything else I need, just missing the main part!

Virginia said...

I got them at the Dollar Tree in the Food Giant shopping center in Moody. When you get off of the exit and head towards Moody, it's on the right hand side (behind Arby's, Wendy's, Cracker Barrel, etc.)

They didn't have tons of them when I saw them, but they were also restocking that night. (It wasn't that long ago.)


Marsha said...

WOOOHOOO! I just approached your dad about the "stick tree" I like at Wally World and he said YES!!!