Sunday, November 18, 2007


To some of you it may not seem that I have left. But to me, it has been the longest 4 days of my life.
The 7 year old computer finally crashed Thursday evening, leaving me cold and alone.
Dear Gwendy let me come over to her house until after 11:00 to finish my typing job, and ever since then I have been out of touch with the computer. It has made me sad.
Probablly a little more productive, but sad none the less.
Thanfully Friday we went to the T Rex named Sue thing and had a lot of fun with the other Mommas and kids, so that took up one day...then Saturday I worked on very cute Christmas crafts which I cannot show, but I am dying to, but can't since they are gifts for some of you!
Saturday night we went throught the hugest ordeal to try to get the new computer. Long story short, God is in control, knew we needed to wait one more day, and as a result we saved $200! PTL!
So today smart hubby got us up and running on the new computer. YEAH!!!!
Very happy with our awesome deal and to be back in touch with the real world.
Looking forward to not working this week and working on stuff with the kidos!
Toodles friends :)


Kim said...

You knew that computer was on its last leg! Glad you're back. Hey, I accidentally signed up for a Facebook (I did NOT do it on purpose). But I have been in touch with Vasti and Erika. It's been fun.

heather said...

So glad you are back to the blog world have missed you greatly. The stomach thing was not a really bad one so hopefully you guys won't get it.

Crissy said...

Glad you're back! Please come to my house one Friday night. Logan can share the gospel with Gracie some more. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Yea for hubby's who can get the computer going! I detest all the clicking around, I'd rather wait for X to show me how to do it!

-C said...

I'm with care-in ... thank God for husbands who are better than the Geek Squad or the "Nerd Herd" if you're Chuck fans. :) I'm always amazed at the deals they can find on this technology stuff, too. Welcome back.

Rachel Garcia said...

glad to see you back on the blog globe. sad to see productivity go out the window! ha!

Anonymous said...

Xavier likes to research stuff, especially when it comes to making a big purchase. I'm glad for that too!! I let him figure everything out then tell me why it's a good thing!