Sunday, November 4, 2007


Today I wore Red.
Today I feel pretty.
Today my husband complimented my red and pretty.

What color makes you feel pretty?


Marsha said...

Today I wore a new brown sweater and a blue and brown skirt (both from Cato's of course!). I felt pretty because it's very contemporary looking. I received lots of compliments from folks at church...but not from the person I was really hoping would notice :(
He's preoccupied with our water crisis to think about anything else I guess. Oh well.
Normally I feel pretty wearing royal purple. On Wednesday I wore white and got laughed at, so maybe that's not a good color on me. Well, okay, so it was a trash bag - I went to the youth center as white trash.

Marsha said...

Okay, it's only been 2 hours since I wrote a new blog entry and I've already "sinned against" something I said by being grumbly. Please forgive me. Even us older women have issues and need prayer from the younger "blogettes".

Rachel Garcia said...

i feel pretty in jeans and this cute yellow top i have.. i wore it on adoption day... its an Ann Taylor Loft shirt I got for $4 bucks at the salvation army store! is that being prideful if i can't help but gush over the great deal i got??

anyhoo, i feel pretty in it.

alli said...

If you only knew how much I LOVE lurking. And, I do lurk and stalk your site often...I love your realness and cute quirkiness.

Anyway, I wore a long sleeved vneck shirt and blue jeans Saturday. I also wore big silver hoop earrings. I haven't worn big earrings in like 10 years. It was great. I think I shall blog on it.

I like black, red and brown.

I love feeling like a hottie.


michelle said...

green or orange

Kim said...

I wore a black wrap dress with black hose and pointy toe black patent leather shoes. Felt professional and I LOVE to wear black. I have to make myself not wear black everyday. Don't want to appear TOO morbid.

Graced said...

I just love finding something that fits my body just right!

heather said...

I love to wear blue it makes my eyes shine and that is always wonderful.

Stace' said...

I don't love anything right now b/c I can't find clothing to fit properly. I went jeans shopping last night. Got frustrated and bought sneakers. I'll just exercise and maybe something will fit. Argh!!! I need a wardrobe makeover!!!

I love pj's.

Kim said...

What is your e-mail address?

Stace' said...

Forward my e-mail to Kim please.