Tuesday, November 27, 2007


These are some of the funny things that my children have said this week that have made me laugh.

Last night while putting up the Christmas tree:
"We cannot have Monkeys in our Christmas tree because they will break our tree and beat us up!" ( in her typical southern draw)

When things don't go her way:
"This is the worssess day of miiii liife." (more southern draw)

When I tell her to put on some jeans:
"Its just that I don't look pretty in jeans." ( This I must put a stop too. Today she wears jeans!)

In regards to the Salvation Army bell ringers:
"Why do they have to ring those bells anyways?" (in a grumpy old man voice)

In regards to our churches "Hanging of the Green" Service:
"Why do the same people have to sing the same songs every year?" (still in grumpy old man voice)

Regarding shopping:
"We got what we came for, can we go now?" (typical grumpy old man out shopping voice.)

And P.S. We did hear back from Buddy Davis. He sent a very nice email and was very encouraging to Logan. Made his day!


Marsha said...

Me thinkst you must Scrooge Logan and put it on the blog. If he continues in this unChristmas like behavior, send him to Kim's. They'll get along just great!

Kim said...

funny! come to crissy's friday night, and we'll get kim in the Christmas spirit.

kim p

Anonymous said...

Too funny!!