Wednesday, November 14, 2007


OK...So I was at Target again today and bought these little mini cards. 8 for $1.
I cut them and fastened the front part to the front of the popcorn box, and used the other part as a label for the popcorn mix. I just used black marker right now, but I think I will acutally print a cute label and attatch it to the green card.
I got filler for $1 that will probablly last for all the boxes, and then of course tissue at dollar tree.
Oh, and the cool green yarn I got at dollar tree as well.
So, I think this is evolving into a great little gift.
Now lets just hope the actual popcorn recipe turns out good!


Marsha said...

Ohh! I LIKE this one MUCH better! Nice color contrasts. VERY impressed. So what kind of a container could I do my oyster cracker snack mix in?

Virginia said...

Wayyyyyyyyyyy cute, girly! I'm heading to Target tomorrow to pick up some of this stuff! Woohoo!

Crissy said...

Love this! How creative you are! I might have to copy you... of course, that means I have to leave my house to get supplies... cunundrum.

Stace' said...

So clever Dahlin!!!

Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Another idea...I got one of these from one of my students. It had microwave popcorn and a blockbuster giftcard.

Marsha said...

I'll be glad when you're back to the blogosphere with your new computer.

Abbey said...

Clever clever!! I love it.