Friday, November 2, 2007


I had to post this picture Laura sent of all 3 of her girls. I was looking at the baby bed Savannah is in. Is that not like 1953? I think its the same bed my mom was put in when she was born!
Laura said they didn't even have pillows at the hospital, and you could only take a shower between the hours of 6-8am. The food was horrible and cold, and of course there is no TV in the room. They only stayed about 12 hours after the baby was born and are already at their home in Nairobi!
I have a whole new appreciation for Brookwood Hospital!

Pray for Laura to get some really good rest in these next few days. She needs it!


Marsha said...

I KNEW that baby bed looked familiar! Thanks, Missy for helping to jog my memory on that one.

michelle said...

oh that is so sweet. Congrats to them!!

Anonymous said...

In Dominica you don't usually stay a whole day if everything is going well! I had a friend who was willing to pay the extra night just to get some rest but it wouldn't have mattered b/c her nurses never left her alone!

Rachel Garcia said...

wow.. im good with brookwood too! they even have a suite that we got to stay in with Miguel.. the only difference is that it was bigger.. but I felt like a queen!