Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Missy's Helpful Cooking Tip

Preface: This post must be read in the most dramatic show host voice that you can muster up!

Hello...and welome to todays segment of "MHCT"...the blog that helps you the reader, to be a better cook.
Today I made Shepherds Pie. A dish from my ancestors (or so I'm told). A dish you can whip together in no time. A dish that says...

..."I don't want to go grocery shopping this week. I want to use up everything I have in my fridge and pantry. Who cares if my potatoes are rotting. Who cares if my corn has freezer burn. Here family...eat this, it is yummy and comes from the heart!"

Some helpful tips for making shepherds pie:

-Do not add too much milk to your Mashed Potatoes.
-Do not mix your potatoes on too high a speed. It will cause a big splattered mess.
-DO whisk an egg with some water and brush over the top of potatoes for a nice glossy sheen while cooking.
-DO use Worceschire and gravy.
-DO add whatever you wish. It is the joy of making a dish such as this. Creative license is always the key to cooking!

Stay tuned for more issues of "MHCT" in the future.
Yes ladies, it is my goal to see every woman in America be a truly "Good Cook".

And Scene.


Kim said...

"And Scene"...laughing my butt off now. I KNOW you did it out loud, DIDN'T YOU! In my head you did anyhow. Funny. Loved it.

Stace' said...

These posts are cracking me up of late!!

Nice job posting directions to where a bunch of mothers and small children will be. No telling what kind of creep may show up...

Missy said...

Kim...of course I did it out loud!
I had too!

Stace...I figured any crazies already knew we are going on this field trip...they could mapquest it if they wanted to.
It's OK...I'll have my personal body guard Adam there to protect me!

I have been in a weird mood lately!

Marsha said...

Dear Missy,

Do you mean END Scene?

Mother of a S.D.A.
(Spelling Deficient Adult)
(I'm a failure as a mother, I know.)

Kimmi said...

i could totally hear you say that out loud. lol too funny!