Thursday, February 7, 2008

Life Happening

This week life is getting in the way of living.
The dredded flu entered my house and is picking us off one by one.
So far it has knocked the females of this house flat on there butts.
I'm hoping it leaves the males alone!
My poor little Lana Lou had a 104 degree fever this morning. I was taking her temp while she was asleep and she woke up and said all sweet and pitiful "Good morning Mommy".
It was so pitiful.

All of my good intentions for the week have been burned up with fever and hacked up with coughing.
I was going to hit the tred mill hot and heavy this week. Instead I've been hitting the Hot Tea and Zycam.
I was going to clean out boxes of clothes. Instead I've been cleaning out my lungs with incecent coughing.
I was going to organize the garage (again) and make room for stuff. Instead I've watched a lot of shows on how to organize.

So this week for me, life has just gotten in the way of living.
It's opened my eyes to the needs of others around me though. Like those that have a chronic illness or are homebound. It's depressing sitting at home in bed, but at least mine is temporary. I feel really bad for people that are truly ill. I should do more.
And next week, if life doesn't get in the way...I will!


Stace' said...

You go!!!

Lana is in our prayers, as you all are.

Marsha said...

Well, you're starting to come back! You've posted! Keep getting better. I love you all.

michelle said...

I am the only one in my house that doesn't have it. We'll see though. Sorry about your week, but you have very good perspective. You take good care of sick people. I remember when you came to the hospital and took care of me when I was sick. I was SOOOOO depressed and you really made a difference. I tell people about that all the time.

Kim said...

We started last night, or Corin started puking. Here we go on the coaster!

Soon life will start again soon!

heather said...

We are sick too. Life is no fun sick. But I do get caught up on all the tv shows.