Monday, February 18, 2008


Why do I have patience issues?

Why do I feel like a bad mother today?

Why am I having a hard time getting back into a routine after all the sickness?

Why did WDJC get rid of Wendy and Ken? I'm a Rick and Bubba person, but still, that wasn't nice of them to do that.

Why do we have weather that taunts us with spring, then snaps us back to cold?

Why do daffodils start to bloom when it's still cold?

Why do we celebrate Presidents day?

Why do I have the song Amazing Love in my head today? Probablly because I need it!

Why is yummy stuff bad for you?

Why did I never own a pair of comfortable jeans before now?

Why did Michael Landon Jr make the Love Comes Softly books into movies that aren't like the books?

Why do I have laundry to do again?

Why can't I be consistent in my walk with God?

Why do I complain when I have so much to be thankful for?

Why does my sweet little niece have to be sick on her birthday?

Why am I typing this list of why's?

Why can't dishes be self cleaning?

Why can't children raise themselves?

Why can't dinner make itself?

Why do I want to take a nap?

Why do I like American Idol?

Why can't I go to the beach?

Why do your feet grow when you have babies?

Why do we have to have periods?

Why did I eat Taco Bell for lunch?

Why am I craving meatloaf?

Why are some people funny and some aren't?

Why can't we all be the same size?

Why is my laundry not jumping from the washer to the dryer by itself?

Why doesn't someone invent a washer that moves the cloths to the dryer?

Why would somone steal a Christmas wreath? I know this happened months ago, but it still bothers me!

Why do some people birth babies easier than others?

Why is my husband bald?

Why is my son smart?

Why is my daughter so girly?

Why am I still sitting here doing this?

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?


Chuck said...

Why did the chicken cross the road?

C.Harb said...

1. Part of who you are.
2. Some days are like that.
3. Cause sometimes getting out of the routine is a nice change in spite of the circumstances.
4. Cause sometimes, even though I love the music, they do things that are well, stupid.
5. So we'll be reminded of the beauty of the coming season.
6. Cause they got a taste of warmth and came on out. They are, again, a promise of what's to come.
7. Used to be two days for Washington and Lincoln, now it's all one day so people like me can be off work:)
8. A great song.
9. Kind of like some sins.
10.Count them as a blessing.
11.Movies are usually different than books. Maybe it's a Hollywood thing. Hope not.
12.Cause a woman's work is never done.
13.We all struggle with that. Same reason the Israelites kept messing up.
14.Human nature.
15.One time in high school I had the measles during Spring Break and missed two great Youth trips and I was somebody's niece. Things happen.
16.Cause you don't want to wash dishes, deal with children, make dinner or move clothes from the washer to the dryer.
17.Cause we need the exercise.
18.Then we would miss all of the fun.
19.It almost can with a microwave.
20.Cause you're tired from thinking about whys.
21.Cause it rocks and cause you are musical.
22.You can on another day.
25.Cause it's good.
26.Cause it's good.
28.So we always want something different from what we have.
29.Again, it's good exercise for us to do it.
30.Someone will one day.
31.That makes me laugh. Maybe they couldn't afford one or it was a kid prank thing.
32.Back to that size thing.
33.Genetics. I could say more but nevermind.
34.So he can be rich some day and get you one of those washer/dryers.
36.Same reason as me.

Kim said...

I certainly cannot compete with that. Come to my house. I'll make you happy with my ridiculousness. I've had a good Monday; one of the first in a long time. Love ya sista.

Missy said...

Why Charline...I didn't know you read my blog!
Welcome to the scary world that is Missy!

Marsha said...

~ Why aren't there more hours in the day?
~ Why do some of us pee when we sneeze, laugh and cough?
~ Why do you wonder why Logan anylizes everything (mispelled, I know)?
~ Why doesn't Blogger have spell check for their Leave Your Comment place?
~ Why don't you and I have the same Publish Your Comment section as everyone else in Bloggyland?
~ Why doesn't my spell check work at my Create a New Post place?
~ Why is our family stretched out over multiple states and 2 continents?
~ Why does my dog prefer the rednecks down the road rather than the comforts of home?
~ Why does Paw Paw call me 3 times in one evening just to tell me he's hoarse?

And to answer one of your whys - Michael Landon Jr - like father like son. Daddy did the same thing to Little House - unrecognizable if you look for any of the stories in the books. But we love it anyway. So, we just have to get over it.

michelle said...

why do you sleep like that?