Monday, February 11, 2008

They do exist!

What might you ask does exist? Cleaning trolls my friends! They came to my house today in the form of Savannah and Kyle...teenagers extrodinaare! Their dear mother called today and said they would like to offer their assistance and at 4:00 cleaning trolls knocked upon my door.
I can't believe the difference. I worked this morning on getting laundry done and dumped into the living room. I also made lunch and washed dishes. Then I napped for and hour and a half because that all wore me out. But then, when the napping was over my trolls came in and got me over the hump. Savannah bless her dear sweet heart, actually folded laundry for 2 and a 1/2 hours! Yes, you heard correctly! I didn't know it was ever possible to fold laundry for that long, but she did. And she did it nicely and she chatted nicely with Lana while she did it. She folded, I put away and with us working together it still took 2 1/2 hours!
Stacy called while they were here and was a little disconcerted about the fact that one of his youth girls (he teaches youth Sunday School) was folding his underwear! But she has a brothers and a dad so it's not like she's never seen a mans underwear before, right?!
Kyle the sweet boy took out 3 bags of trash, carried down rubbermade boxes, cleaned out my van with Logan, and swept and mopped my kitchen floor. I wish you could smell the pine sol. It smells so clean!
I feel truly blessed today to have been given the gift of cleaning trolls. It really did lift my spirits. I don't feel so overwhelmed now. There are still sheets and towels in the washer and dryer...but that is so much more doable! Tomorrow I will do the vacuming and the bathroom. Hopefully Wednesday when I work my darling husband will steam clean the shower and then I can bleach it.
I am thankful for unselfish people that allowed themselves to be used by God today to bless my little life.
Thank you Savannah and Kyle...soon we will have movie and pizza night!!!


michelle said...

Oh yay! I am SO glad. They are super cute too :)

Kim said...

I love cleaning trolls! Yea for you. Miss you.

Stace' said...

How SWEET!!!! I'm thrilled for you!

Chuck said...

Savannah & Kyle -- agency workers in training.

Marsha said...

Did Logan ever find my blue pen in your car? I miss it dearly! I love the way it rolls across the paper. Oh please Kyle, cleaning Troll and Logan my grandson, did you unearth my pen in the deep, dark abyss of fries and snacks?

Rachel Garcia said...

that is AWESOME! I am so thrilled that you feel better and now your house is feeling better! no more woe's.

for now. lol.

Anonymous said...

How fun! Tell me about steaming the shower, I must know!