Friday, February 15, 2008

Head Count

I need to get a final head count for the planetarium field trip. Again, the date is next Friday the 22nd at 1:00.
Also need to know for sure if you want to meet at my church for lunch or just meet at the planetarium. ( I never went and paid the deposit for the FLC but I don't think it's too late.)
So if you will kindly leave a head count reply I would appreciate it. Please do it even if you've told me before because I may have forgotten.
I need to call the lady the beginning of the week with a total.
Also if you know someone that wanted to go that doesn't read my blog (who doesn't read blogs?) then please contact them and let me know.
Thanks ladies....I'm looking forward to our day under the stars!
Have a good day Mom is here and we are off to the Olive Garden. Yum Yum!


Graced said...

Hey girl! Thanks for all this hard work. We will definitely be there, but I think we will just meet at the planetarium. This is a great addition to M.'s birthday week!

Kim said...

Count us in for the planetarium, not sure about lunch.

Anonymous said...

I can't come but would you mind if I dropped my child off and you can watch her?!!

Missy said...

Ok...before we go any further, I think I will say no meeting at church for lunch. My brother is coming in that day too and I don't know what time, so I think it will be easier to meet at the planetarium.
I'll try to nail down directions.

alli said...

YES! Well, I really want to go, but I am not certain that my kiddos are the right age, yet. I mean, seriously, this is totally a field trip that I'm stoked about (errr - especially the getting to see you and everyone else again). I just don't know about my yahoos.

Thank you so much for thinking of me. It makes my tail wag. big time.

Missy said... old are your kidos?
Kim is bringing her 2 year old and a lot of us have 5 year olds.
Unless your kids are big old brats, which I am seriously should come!!!!! :)

alli said...

Andrew is 5 and Gracie is 3. Well, I might just might make plans to go. I just thought it was for the older kids. I'll try to give a definite yes or no by Sunday, is that ok?

thanks again for asking!

Missy said...

WooHOo for Alli coming! Also that sounded rude about me saying unless your kids are brats...I meant that of course yours are know that right????!!!!
You know I am a crazy lady right?!
I'm glad your coming...Lana is the only girl a lot and she will be happy to have a girl to play with.

Jeri said...

We'll see you Friday! Very much looking forward to it.