Friday, February 1, 2008

Good Deals

I went to the childrens consignment sale this morning at Trussville UMC. I did well!
I got for Lana:
3 beautiful Sunday dresses
1 play dress
2 capri outfits
3 skirt and shirt outfits, one that came with a matching denim jacket that is too cute.
I also got her a pair of keds that are too tight. Oh well! Maybe we'll get a couple months out of them. They were only $4.
I got Logan:
5 pair of play shorts
1 pair of NWT plaid dress shorts
3 play shirts
1 button up plaid dress shirt
1 polo shirt
I also won the best mom in the world award and got him a dinosaur CD rom kit complete with a "real fossil".
And I got my Mom 3 "What to expect when you are expecting" books. She likes to have those for the girls she works with.
25 items in all and my grand total...
An average of $$4.44 per item.
Tomorrow morning is 1/2 price day. And tonight they are open until 6:00 if you get a chance to stop by.
I am pleased.
Friday is a better day than Thursday.


Virginia said...

Woohoo! I love getting good deals like that. Yay for you, Best Mom in the World! ;)

Rachel Garcia said...

why did I have this on my calendar for next weekend? i feel sad.. but glad that you got such good deals!

Kim said...

Now, I have a longing to go to the thrift store...

Rachel Garcia said...

I sent you an email on thursday and got an error message on sunday.(go figure). I really did try to contact you about this weekend. please email me at