Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What a difference...

A couch makes!
In one of my recent whining random blogs I mentioned that I wanted a couch for my couchless living room.
The next day I had an email from one of you offering a free couch!
You know who you are!!! I am eternally greatful!
So last weekend Stacy and my brother and 2 other friends, very nicely agreed to go pick it up.
Or they were coxed and bribed with cheesecake and cookies! Thanks big strong guys! it's not the most modern and fluffy couch...but it is in AWESOME condition. It had been recently reupholstered and hardly ever used. It is a lazyboy and the ends each reclines. And the colors worked perfectly in my living room...oh, and did I mention it was FREE!

I love it! It is my nicest piece of furniture because it is clean and fresh.

The children have been banned from it unless I invite them in there bare feet and freshly bathed bodies! No, I am not mean! They have perfectly trashed couches downstairs to frolic in their filthe on.

Well the new couch inspired me to make some changes in my living room today. So I got out the hammer, nails, level, ruler, and ladder and rearranged everything.
It is amazing the difference just moving everything on your walls and all your nik-naks makes.
I highly recommend it...although do it when your husband is not home because they don't seem to appreciate the extra holes in the wall. :(
All I need now is a cute throw blanket and a couple throw pillows and I'm set. (I'll buy those on my own thank you!)

You know there is a show that all they do is rearrange rooms and spend no money and it makes a big difference. I pretended I was the host of that show today. I'm sure you can't imagine me doing that!

So I leave you readers with some pictures of my cozy new little room.
Yes the space is small, but it is quite quante and comfortably cozy.
Anyone want to come over for a spot of tea?


Stace' said...

Love, love, love it!!!

If I lived closer...

We should rearrange in the lobby of the hotel in K'ville. ;)

Virginia said...

LOVE it... the red accents everywhere are so beautiful! You should host a show on your blog every week. That would be way fun! ;)

Missy said...

Virge...I need to take a picture of my red wall. We have a split level and the foyer is Red. We did the red stripe thing were one is glossy one is matte.
Anyways...that is why I do the red accents because the foyer wall that in in that same room is all red.
You should come over sometime.
Em can try on Lanas clothes and shoes and Atticus can learn how to fight with lightsabers! :)

Jeri said...

Love it!! What a cute room!!

Anonymous said...

Lazy boy is the best...I could use one right now, maybe I could sleep better!

Kim said...

Wow, how cool for you! Looks fantastic.

michelle said...

I love it.

heather said...

Wow I think it looks great now you need to have us over so we can sit on your new couch and break it in. I promise to be freshly showered and to not spill. Okay I can't promise I won't spill but I will try.