Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fall Fashion Observations

I have begun randomly shopping for fall attire for the family.
Here are my very astute observations thus far.

1. Skulls are apparently very hip and happening.

2. I guess we are not very hip and happening because my kids will not be wearing skulls.

3. Geometric patterns for boys in yellows, blues, and greens are in.

4. I am not down with that. Why, why, why, would we bring the 80's back to our boys?

5. The 80's are not lost on the girls either, but I like the 80's for the girls relatively.

6. The leggings and dresses of 2008 are much cuter than 1988.

7. Instruments on clothing are also very hot this year.

8. Just wondering if most kids can even play an instrument.

9. Belts, belts, belts, belts, belts.

10. Sweaters with built in white collars. LOVE IT!

11. Thank goodness somethings don't go out of style, like a good sweater, and some cute brown boots. ( of which I am on the hunt for)

12. Rocker Tee's/ screen printed shirts.

13. Rugby shirts are starting to pop up everywhere. Old Navy even has some cute ones for girls with puffy sleeves.

14. When did Old Navy get so loud? Or am I just getting older and when I go somewhere without my children, expect complete silence!

15. Flat-Flat ballet Flats are back in again this fall. This is not good for people that are 5 feet tall.

16. Huge purses. The kind you can take to the movie theater stuffed with candy and drinks for everyone. I mean, not that I EVER do that...I'm just sayin.

17. Shirts with bands around the bottom. This is very good for me. I like this style.

18. Cardigans. This could go either way.

19. Always in style, a good pair of blue jeans. So many different styles to choose from to wear your favorite pair too.

20. Lana will not wear blue jeans. She will not really wear any pants that button, therefore I am thankful for #6, although it doesn't really leave us with an option for wearing #13.
(this was not so much an observation as a fact of which I am looking for a solution)

So there you have it two cents worth of the fall fashion front.


care-in said...

Very astute observations! We aren't skull people either.

michelle said...

I love skulls and flats. I think skulls are a good way to say, "I'm poisonous! Stay away from me." And flats are like being barefoot.

Marsha said...

Flats are not for people who have no arches and need arch support. Skulls for for people who think about death. Leggings are good for people who have skinny legs. Huge purses...didn't realize they ever went out of style. Old Navy as always been loud - no carpet does that to a place. Puffy sleeves...say not so! Rocker T' you mean as in front porch rocker? Close from the 80's ... I don't even remember what I wore back then other than jogging suits.

Thanks for the heads up. I guess I am a candidate for What Not to Wear.

Anonymous said...

The whole skulls thing is disturbing. Especially on clothing on clothing for girls that are 5 years old. Ew.

I don't do leggings. My legs are shaped like "v"s. Not flattering. I also don't do super skinny jeans. I need the flare at the end.

I don't do belts. I'm short waisted.

Love rugby shirts. Love screen print shirts, those were popular when I was in high school and I had a closet full of them. Although now I think I would look rediculous in them.

I like the faux layered look. I don't do real layers. It's too darn hot.

I hate shopping in old navy. It IS too loud, NO you are not too old. I like to shop online and do the 5 dollar shipping. I only go in the store when I get baby clothes. The clearance racks are awesome.

All of the above is my observations sans-pregnant belly, of course. Old navy jeans are pretty awesome too.

O, and I like the flats too, even though I am vertically challenged myself. Not short, never short, my dear. That is a four letter word in my book! I do like the flats for my current state of being too.

Kim said...

I like skulls.

I like (love) puffed sleeves.

I like rugby shirts. I'm remembering a much-loved Coca-cola shirt from 1987.

I want to go shopping. With money. With you and then go get a yummy coffee from Starbucks.

Ginger said...

Sorry, I'm a little late commenting on the 14.99 post-
Is Pierce Bronson singing on the soundtrack? Hope not. That's a memory I don't care to relive!

Loved the fashion observations! Thanks for the tips, hip chic!