Thursday, May 1, 2008

Brain Freeze

No I haven't eaten too much Ice Cream...although I am tempted!
I am in a little bit of over load right now.
VBS is exactly 1 month from today!!!! One month!
I feel like I am doing OK with my pace, but I'm not sure.
I definetly don't want it to be something I stress about, so I am trying to take it one day at a time. I feel strongly about the importance of VBS.
I mean how many times in your life do you say, "I remember in VBS one year"?
Seriously, I do a lot!
So I want VBS to be a positive and Godly experience for the kids. I want it to be a spring board for kids to grow closer to Christ.
I don't take it lightly, so I think I get a little overwhelmed at times.

I've also got a crazy weekend coming up.
I've been sitting here for the past 2 hours working on my typing job and still have 2 hours to go.
So why am I blogging? Just needed a break I guess.

Yep I have a brain freeze thinking about all the things I am trying to accomplish this weekend, and then the rest of the month. AGHHHH! OWWWWW!!!!
Somebody get me some real Ice Cream!
Mint Chocolate Chip Please!


Kim said...

Oooh... I haven't had mint chocolate chip in a loooong time. Yum.

Stace' said...

I'll be right over.

Anonymous said...

I loved VBS! I am jealous that I can't participate anymore because I'm a stinky grown up. Last year though, I got to do some artsy stuff for Community's. I did tshirts and signs, and it was so fun. I felt like I was a child again, plus I was using that part of my brain that I neglect too often.

You need a Kit Kat break, girlfriend! It's really this time of year, it's very busy. When the weather gets warm people come out to play and schedules get crowded. Try to remember to have a little fun too!

Marsha said...

What you need is an indulgent chocolate bath!

Chuck said...

Mint chocolate chip? Mayfield makes an exceptionally good MCC. But if I'm perfectly honest, Edie's is almost as good and a lot cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Yum! E is doing her first VBS this summer!!