Monday, May 19, 2008


Do any of you know how to make large quanities of slime?
I'm talking large enough to slime a person.
It's for VBS...I'm not mad at my husband!

Also, while I was looking on line for a recipe, I came up with this site called slime but has nothing to do with slime. This part is so funny. It is 67 ways to be annoying. Check it out if you need a laugh!

I am in the last stages of VBS planning. It's fun, but wow is my house suffering!

Today is the day that Kim moves. :(
I hope there move went smoothly today.
Yesterday we said goodbye. It will be weird living away from her for the first time in over 14 years. And yes, that was just totally randomly thrown in there in the middle of my slime talk.

OK....tell me about large quanity slime please!


Anonymous said...

Those ways to be annoying are pretty funny! Sorry no slime recipe. I do have a goo/silly putty recipe.

Abbey said...

Wish I could help. You would think I would know a thing or two about slime, with 3 boys and all, but I don't do slime. Sorry. But so sad about Kim!! You 2 have been friends for a long time! Did you cry?

Jennifer said...

I am sad for you and Kim. I have a good friend moving this week as well and we haven't known each other near as long as you and Kim. I can imagine how sad you are. You know what you need? A kitten.

Marsha said...

I will check a whacky science book at the learning center tomorrow. If all else fails - jello!