Monday, May 12, 2008


S'mores are yummy. I mean how can you not like a S'more?
It is un American not to like a S'more!!! We had S'mores last night around the fire pit that my family got me for Mothers Day. It led to the discussion of who invented S'mores. Kim and I talked about it today too, because she also understands the value of a good S'more. So I came home and did a little research on Wikipedia.
This is what they have to say about S'mores...

" S'more appears to be a contraction of the phrase, "some more".[3] The informal nature of this term reflects the environment in which s'mores are traditionally served and its meaning hints at the desires of campers who are not satisfied by the first bite of the treat. Some have jokingly surmised that the name originated from people who were so busy eating the tasty treat that they did not have time to speak in complete sentences, or alternately, that their enunciation was compromised by the fact that their mouth was still full of the previously mentioned s'more. While the origin of this popular campfire dessert is unclear, the first recorded version of the recipe can be found in the Girl Scout Handbook of 1927 ."

So there you have it! S'mores mean Some more!!! Give me some more S'mores!


Stace' said...

I feel like I've just broadened myself!!! Thanks for the cool info. Love the pic!!

Marsha said...

Lana looks like she's competing with Summer for the What Not to Wear show. I think she's cute, though.

I will be expecting hot dogs and S'mores this weekend. Nothing else is necessary...accept wipes!


Marsha said...


And know I guess you want Dad to bring firewood, too?

Missy said...

Yeah, I don't know what Lana was doing with her fashion yesterday. It got a little cooler and breezy so she put on some boots, then she thought her head was cold and put on her winter hat.
Of course this was all after I told her to go change clothes after Church and she just changed into another dress!
Crazy Crazy kid!

Jeri said...

I like that new fire pit, hurray for Mother's Day surprises. And yummy S'mores!

Anonymous said...

A fire pit for Missy...not surprised! I only like smores if the chocolate is melty...I don't like to bite down on a hard piece of chocolate because it all falls apart. Love your summer and winter kiddos!!

Anonymous said...

Many times I will make s'mores with only a candle by my kitchen sink. I tend to loose my mallow in the fire when we go camping. Candles have much more control. Methinks me will be buying some s'more supplies in the very near future. Thanks for the craving, Missy misdemenor!