Sunday, May 4, 2008


10:40 pm and do you know where your husband is?
Mine is at the movie theater.
This whole going to the movies by yourself thing, I just don't get.
I did it once and felt like the biggest wack job in all the world.
It's like going to a sit down restaurant by yourself.
"Hello, My name is Missy and I have no friends and I am here by myself".
I just can't do it.
Anyways...this is hubbies outlet and he has been waiting to see
"Iron Man" for forever, so there you go.

I for one, have had a long weekend...and not in an extra day kind of way.
Just been busy.
This morning was however, one of the best Church services I have been a part of in a while.
Our Pastor preached on Worship and it was just plain old good.
He said that worship requires change. Really? Am I changed every time I "so call" Worship? Is it God's fault or mine. Ah, the obvious answer is me. Me, me, me...the problem with myself.
How selfish we can be in our worship.
How man centered the Christian society has made worship.
How warped is our view of worship.
Seriously, can my worship ever be about just God? Can I take the selfish part of me out of it ever?
Do I know what I sing when I sing, Holy, Holy, Holy?
Holy, Holy, Holy...did you know that there is no word in the Hebrew language to describe the excellency of God to His fullest, so the way to do that is the repetition of the word Holy 3 times.
The Bible doesn't say God is love, love, says God is Holy, Holy, Holy. (Our Pastor said that...I'm just quoting!)
I love that! I have been trying today to wrap my mind around His Holiness and have determined that it is impossible. I sin at least once every hour, but probably more like once every 5 minutes, or if I'm really honest, once a minute.
So, to imagine that God is this perfect, righteous, infallible being is really just to much to comprehend. Holy, Holy, Holy may not even be enough words to relay this truth.

OK...well, I just intended to mutter about nothing tonight, but I would hardly call the Holiness of God muttering. Maybe I should change the title of this post.

Well...I guess I will just sit now and wait for Mom to call me with an update on my nieces. (they have malaria...please pray for them.)
Good night my blogging buddies.


Stace' said...

All that you described here is precisely what we have found the strength of the Liturgical style of worship to be. Emphasis on God, and His holiness, not man and our ever changing conditin. That sense that I'm part of something far bigger than me, something I didn't initiate. What a relief!!

Great post!

Stace' said...


Anonymous said...

Were our hubby's together last night? X went to see Ironman too. He goes to the movies by himself all the time. I'm with you...who wants to go sit and eat and watch a movie by themselves?

I love what you said about repeating the word 3x.

Great post!

Joel Dison said...

Iron Man was a great movie... but I didn't have to go alone...but I would have... My son went with me, but actually my beloved wife did as well - she even enjoyed it (or so she said)

Jeri said...

Both with malaria?!? They are in my prayers.