Monday, May 5, 2008

I love...

That without my knowing, Logan brought all of his change to Aldi today and got behind me in line and bought him and Lana each a snack. Paid for it all by himself. Beef Jerky for him and a pack of Trail mix for his sister.

Ah, isn't that sweet!

And as Paul Harvey would say...And now for the rest of the story...

Me-"Logan that was so nice of you, thank you for doing that."
Logan-"Can you give me $5 now?"
Me- "Why would I give you $5?"
Logan-"Because I was being helpful and paid for my own snacks and now I don't have any more money."
Me-"But your snack only cost $1.29. Why would I pay you $5 for buying something that cost $1.29?"
Logan-"Because I was being helpful and how am I supposed to make any money if I don't do things to be helpful"
Me-"So you want me to pay you for being helpful by buying your own snacks?"
Logan-"Yes, $5 please."

I mean, is he the son of a car salesman or what???


-C said...

What a great story! At that rate, can I buy all your groceries for you ... just to be helpful. :) I love boys' logic.

heather said...

I like to help can I get 20$?

Stace' said...

Okay, so here's the million $ question. Did you cave?

Marsha said...

Well, I hope you didn't cave in and pay him a dime (or $5). Mr. Compassion has turned into Mr. Citibank.

I am glad he got his beef jerky. He bugged me for that every time we went to the store!

Missy said...

Of course I didn't cave! Do you people know me at all?

The child loves him some beef jerky though!

Stace' said...

Of course I know you!!! I'm sure you had some smart @$$ elic thing to say to him. Accompanied by this sinister laugh. Causing him to have to check himself.

Jeri said...


I just watched the Paul Washer clip you sent...doesn't Logan's demand for $5 make perfect sense now? :)

Seriously, I love Paul Washer's message. The youtube clip made me cry for sorrow and worship our great savior at the same time. Thank God for preachers like him...and our own!!!

Virginia said...

LOL That is too funny!

(P.s. I love your blog header- you are too cute!)

Paige M said...

I can hear him whispering to Lana in line before this dialog took place....."Watch and learn Little Sister, watch and learn."

Rachel Garcia said...

i love love love this kid. awesome! please make sure that story makes it into some scrap book!