Friday, May 9, 2008

Dear Kim...

Logan and Corin are having a good time today.
They shared a milkshake at Chicfila.
They did not want me to take a picture of them sharing, but I did!

They came home and did typical boy stuff, like play the xbox and climb trees.
Then they decided they wanted to catch frogs, so we went to the park with the pond.

They had fun trying to get some tadpoles...Then we walked around the pond and they where about to go down to a little brushy part and a nice man said he has just seen several Water Mocassins in the brushy part.

So I being the good caregiver that I am, said..."Let's go play on the playground!"
Almost 8 year old boys don't find the play ground nearly as fun as playing in mucky water, but they seemed to have a good time anyways.

They came home and played some more xbox because that is just apparently what boys like to do. Kill Lego men!
They ate Pizza and now are watching "Daddy Day Camp".

I'm not sure why he has his fingers in his mouth...I guess he is just in the movie zone! Hope your day has been just as fun!


Kim said...

Great pictures! How fun to come to your blog and see my Sloob.

You are the best mom eveh.

Anonymous said...

I want to be 8 years old again...and hang out at Missy's.