Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blogger VS Facebook

Kim Hill got me into blogging last September.
She then got me into Facebook sometime later.
While Facebook has been a nice way to reconnect with people I haven't talked to in a long time, it is also so impersonal to me.
I guess that is the novelty of it. Connect with people, build up your friends list, comment once in a blue moon or don't comment at all, but definetly don't have personal interaction.
I mean, I know there are exceptions. Some people are really on there to connect with old friends. Others, Why? To see how many networks you can build up? And then there is the whole mutual friends, friends you may know, friend suggestions. Why would somebody be friends with so and so and not with you. Why won't so and so not accept my invitation. Why don't they ever leave me a personal comment. Do they even know who I am?
And why do people keep throwing things at me?
Why is the guy that started Facebook so stinking rich now? Why is the art of social networking so alluring?

Well...I like Facebook, but I love Blogger. I like that I can pour out my thoughts here or whine that I don't feel good and then my blogging buddies wish me well. You don't throw me something or add me to some just encourage me. Some of you I am friends with on Facebook and Blogger. When I see you on Facebook I think, "Oh, I know them so much better now because of Blogger."
I like to read about your lives and your thoughts too.
So in the Blogger VS Facebook wars, for me Blogger wins.

Don't even get me started on My Space!


Stace' said...

I agree!

Anonymous said...

After one day on facebook I can see what you are talking about! Definitely love the interaction that blogging provides.

Marsha said...

I've never been on Facebook, don't want to get on Facebook. I'm with you about the community of bloggyworld. I'm participating in a couple of different "memes" and met some really great folks.
For some in the blogworld, it can be about numbers, how many people can I get to comment on my site? But for the most part, I've learned and benefited from so many. It's been a tremendous outlet.

Chuck said...

Your are correct, Melissa. I joined F'book to be part of an ex-Brethren bashing forum, and the next thing I know I'm being swamped by garbage from people I don't know ("friends" of my older daughters, I suppose...and I receive "friend" requests from perfect strangers). Although it tries to be more adult than MySpace, it is still essentially a teeny-bopper hang-out.

Chuck said...

...oh, btw, please change the "Chuck H" link to my Old Hop site. I'm stirring up quite a conversation with a mutual friend of ours.

Bolshoi spasiba

Kim said...

I really do Facebook to make sure my cousins are behaving.

Kimmi said...

i have facebook and myspace, but only really look at them when someone leaves me a message. i too like blogging much more. i can get to know you better through your thoughts and writings than through the others.

Paige M said...

So does VBS start Monday? Good luck! I hope you are feeling better. Call me during the week and let me know the plans for Friday.

Rachel Garcia said...

I agree.. I like FB to check out whats going on with my friends who don't blog. sometimes blogging friends don't post pictures on their blog as much as they do on FB.

But im with you.. i like blogging better.

Rachel Garcia said...
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Anonymous said...

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