Friday, May 16, 2008

Adult Decisions

My kids are happily playing karaoke on the xbox and I am sitting here miserably contemplating a big decision.
How nice it is to be a kid. The only thing they have to decide right now is which song to sing.
Mine is a little bit more in depth. I hate these kinds of decisions. I know the Christian response is "pray about it". I just want the answer to dance across my computer screen. I would love for God to just drop the answer on my head. It could even be in a water balloon that splats across my face if that would please Him. Maybe I should look under my bed and see if there are any dancing answer trolls doing a jig down there. They could jig themselves into the form of a Y or N. That would be very helpful.
Oh well...I guess I will go put dinner on. Maybe the answer will appear in my Macaroni and Cheese!


Jeri said...

I prayed for wisdom and discernment for you as you work out your decision.

And hey, you know that deciding which song to sing can require discernment too... :)

Miik said...

Move to Africa and I will comment on your blog.