Thursday, May 15, 2008

Science Fair

And the winner is....Not Logan!
Why may you ask did my sweet son not win a prize in the Science fair. I mean look at his board, it looks awesome! Notice directly behind him, with the pictures of the turle, is a that box is the turtle. What a great idea! Do a project on a turtle and then bring the turtle for everyone to see. And everyone did see...and everyone was happy...and everyone commented on how much they learned about the turtle...and they loved to look at the turtle...who doesn't love to look at the turtle...apparently judges don't like to look at live turtles. Why wouldn't the judges like to look at a live turtle...Oh, I know...because it is against the rules to bring a live animal for the science fair. live animals? Why would Logan bring a live animal when you are not supposed to?
Maybe because Logan's Mom failed to read that part about the no live animals.
And in Logan's Mom's defense...she read the rules back in Feb. before the turtle was even in the picture and it was going to be a volcano project. So why would she have remembered that part?

So what have we learned?
Since the positive comment from the judges on his judging sheet was
"We liked the drawings of the lifecycle".
This was Daddy's idea with the life cycle and the drawings.
And the negative comment was about the no live animals, which was my idea.

We have learned that next year it is all up to Daddy!


heather said...

No!!No!!! I cry for you that is so not fair I mean what if you studied a pig I think that is not fair!!! Tell Logan we thought his was the coolest and to take it easy on hie Mom. After all you do feed and keep him in clean close you can't be expect to remember something from Feb. for goodness sake. I enjoyed seeing you this week one day we will make it to The Space Center.

Paige M said...

Awww, was he upset? Who follows stinkin' rules anyway? If it makes him feel better, I'd love to see the turtle. OK, not really, but if it makes him feel better...

Anonymous said...

Poor fella! But I's Daddy's turn next year!

Marsha said...

Maybe the rocks from the gem mine will be tumbled by next year!

Paige M said...

The church is having a fishing tournament on Saturday and a fish fry after church Sunday (which will also be a Bon Voyage party). Y'all are welcome to come. It will be after church so probably starting around 12:30.

Jeri said...

Well with you as the heart and soul and Daddy as the head, I look for Logan to do even better next year! Good job, Logan!

Crissy said...

Bless your heart.