Monday, May 19, 2008


Recital '08 was great fun. It lasted ALOT longer than I thought it was and we wound up missing a wedding that I feel SOOOO bad about missing...but it was a special day for Lana Lou and I am glad she enjoyed her day. My parents bought her flowers and she obsessed over them. She didn't want them left alone and even took them to eat and to a movie later that night. They are now in a glass that she waters 3 times a day...because you know, carnations need that much water!

Anyways, she was so cute up there dancing and twirling. I was very glad that my daughter was not one of the girls in the "Gold digger" act. Good grief. There where several uncomfortable acts that Stacy looked at me and said, "Uh, that will never be our daughter."

I think we will stick with Shirley Temple and Little Mermaid Songs, thank you!

Perfomance 1 was Tap to Animal Crackers (Shirley Temple)
As you can see she has no problem with her facial expressions!

And #2 was ballet to a song from Little Mermaid (Part of that world)

This is my parents and Lana after the recital with the flowers that she will keep forever!

I'm a little sad that it's over. It has definetly been fun to watch her learn and grow in this. I hope she learns to be more graceful than I am!


Anonymous said...

I love her face! Marsha, you look great!

valerie said...

She looks adorable. I can't wait to watch the DVD.

Stace' said...

Amazing pictures.

You are FAR more graceful, and gracious than you know. Coordination is another matter, all together.

Your dad and your brother look so much alike it isn't funny.

Your Mom looks great in turquoise.

Anonymous said...

What a doll! Very pretty. I love seeing little girls be little girls as opposed to little girls who pretend to be big girls. That's just disturbing on too many levels. Glad it all went well and you got to sit back and beam at your daughter. Good times for mom too!

Dollar General said...

She is VERY cute and looks to be a GREAT dancer!! My mom brought Anna flowers to her recital Sat. and Sun. I found them under the couch! Quite the adverse effect! That is so sweet she loved her flowers. Her future husband will love that trait - he can make everything better with some flowers!

Marsha said...

Well, now that you posted all the same pictures I have already to post...I guess I'll go back and pick at least a couple more that will be different than yours.

I had it ready to put up last night and then my computer froze up.

I can't wait until next year. This has been very good for her.

Thank you care-in and Stace' for your kind comments.

I know I think I will sashet off this blog and go back to mine.