Friday, June 20, 2008

And the Winner is....

Well Lana has spoken and it looks like we will be going with this one, the brown and pink toile.

It's hard to see from the picture, but the brown trim has pink polka dots on it, and the hem below that is all chenille. I think it is a very pretty set. It comes with the pillow sham, the dust ruffle, and a valence. Very good deal indeed!

Now onto picking paint colors. I am thinking either very pail pink that is almost white, or a light neutral taupy color. But with the darker bedding and the white furniture, the wall will definetly need to be light.

The original look for the room in my mind has changed. My first invision was more fun and whimsy, but I think the toile will be very chic and classy and will grow with her for years to come.

The thing that I am most excited about is Kims idea of the pictures and the cupcake. That is going to be so super cute. Oh, I just remembered that Lana has a pink dress with brown polka dots. Would that work Kimberly? Even her pink ballet costume would be cute.

Well, onto Mount Laundry. It's high and large and must be tackled!


Kim said...

I like the pink with brown polka dots initially, but bring the other, just in case. It'll be fun!

Miik said...

I am not in to this so what ever you do is fine with me. I am sure it will be great. Thanks for being a good mom to my grandkids.
Love Dad

Chuck said...

You didn't pick #4. What's up with that?

Marsha said...

Chuck, Lana Lou's up with that! The Princess of Shabby Chic has spoken and the toile seems to be her favorite.

I go with pale pink paint. The white furniture will really pop with that.

Jennifer said...

Absolutely LOVE it!