Sunday, June 29, 2008

Plans and random news

I have big plans for tomorrow.
I am going to totally clean and organize my house.
I have decided to do the zone thing.
I also went to Wal-Mart today and bought some new cleaning stuff.
I got some 409 for the kitchen.
I got a new toilet brush, complete with corner container to keep it in.
And I got this new Scrubbing Bubbles scrubber thing. I have to admit, I was totally sucked in on the commercial with this thing.
It's the commercial where the cute little scrubbing bubbles are pretending that the bathtub is an airport and they are taking off to clean the tub.
It is very cute and ever since I saw it I figured I needed one.
It was $4 and hopefully will work.
I'm not Kim Hill and therefore am not a very good shower cleaner.
Kim's house can have laundry piles and clutter laying about, but her bathrooms will be clean. I am the opposite...well I will have laundry piles, but they will be hidden, and my bathrooms will be a mess. I should be more like Kim and have clean bathrooms.
Tomorrow I plan to fix that problem.

So on to my zone thing.
I am going to lay it out so tomorrow I can check it off.
1. Upstairs bathroom
3. My bedroom
4. Laundry
5. Vacum upstairs.

Tuesday, Lana and I will start peeling wallpaper off her walls to get ready for painting.
Woohoo that does not sound fun to me at all.

Logan stayed in NC per Pappy's request. It's the benefit of being the oldest and the only Grandson I suppose.
I miss him though. Lana misses him too. Tomorrows cleaning day is going to be difficult without him. He is very helpful and also he and Lana occupy each other. Now Lana is going to follow me around and I am going to give her jobs to do and then I am going to have to go behind her and clean up the mess she made doing her job.

We got the kids a trampoline for their birthdays. The benefit of having birthdays in the same month was doing 1 big gift.
Anyways, I think I am going to start using the trampoline as my excercise machine. I have a tredmill that I hate. So I think going outside and jumping on the tredmill 20 minutes a day might be pretty decent excercise. It's at least more than I do now.
I may have to get some depends though, or at least plan on getting a little wet. Sad but true!

I am obsessed with two shows.
HGTV's Design star and Food Network Star.
I secretly wish I could be the design and food star, although I wouldn't last a day on either show.
"And this here is my homemade mac and's made with not one, but two kinds of cheese to give it that extry kick you people like...I tried to use some special noodles, but I couldn't find any other body part noodles, so I had to stick with Elbows. Now Ya'll enjoy!"

Spending the week with and 18 year old and a 21 year old has made me feel old.
Gone are the days of staying up all night chit chatting for me. 5 hours of sleep a night was not nearly enough for me, and they got around 2 hours a night and where much more pleasant than I.

I took the girls up to the place where Stacy and I got married. Lana loved seeing it too.
It was sure a beautiful place to get married.
Stacy and I need to go away together. We don't get to spend nearly enough time together.
Seeing the place we got married reminded me of that fact.

I miss my sister A LOT! I plan scenarios in my head all the time about all the fun things we are going to do when she comes home.

Well, I am going to turn into a pumpkin...Good night, sleep tight!


Kim said...

Gee, thanks. What are you talking about? My house is spotless ALL THE TIME!
Alright. I concede. My mother's bathrooms are always clean and smelling of Windex. mmmmmm, Windex. That's the obsession. Clean, windex-smelling bathrooms. Who cares about the house?

Kim said...

Also, you will be pleased by Scrubbing Bubbles. Try it with a body scrubby thing (that you no longer will use) or a Magic Eraser. I assure you, it's like erasing a chalkboard. Good luck.

Miik said...

Glad we could help by keeping Logan from cleaning detail.

Craig said...

You could always keep Lana busy by going to Taco Bell, buying a soft taco, and letting Lana feed it to the kitten! I'm sorry, I know Stacy was mad but it is a cute story, if not a little hard on the kitten!

Jeri said...

Hope your day is progressing along just the way you planned, Missy. Post us some pictures of your nice clean zones.

Marsha said...

Boy, I'm glad Logan wasn't standing over my shoulder when I read this post! SHHH!!! The trampoline is a surprise, remember!!1

Also, PLEASE don't jump for 20 minutes on the treadmill as you stated. It's not very cushy, plus it moves and you would bust.

Logan and I are having a great time! He asked today if he could stay until after next Monday's reading program because we will be learning about spiders.