Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Ultimate Cone Head

That was the name given to my son by Dr.Radbill 8 years ago today.
After 30 something hours of labor, Dr.R finally pulled my first born out with some forceps by his huge elongated head. My husband declared that I had just given birth to an alien with his charcoal eyes, ashy skin,and the elongated head...but all I could see was a glow and all I could feel was warmth and the most amazing love that I have ever felt. I was amazed at that instant love you feel for your child when you first see them. Let alone when you first hold them. The moment of Logan's birth and the moments after are forever etched in my mind as the best moments of my life. It's amazing that a Dr can be giving you untold numbers of stitches and all you can feel is abundant happiness.

That ultimate cone head that caused me so much pain in child birth, has caused me exceedingly great joy and pride over the last 8 years. I am proud of the young man that he is becoming. God's word says it best, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in the truth."
Those words become more real to me every day as I see Him grow not only in His knowledge of the Lord, but his living out of that knowledge as well.

The ultimate cone head has a lot of other knowledge churning around in there too.
Logan loves to read, and not just read, but to learn. I love that I don't have to force him to learn. He inspires me to read more and to learn more not only about God, but about the Titanic, and Armadillo Lizards, and Mars, and Ancient Egypt, and how Volcanoes erupt...really the list goes on and on. Trust me folks, he does not get this natural study habit from me!

The past 8 years of being a Mom have been amazing. I can't imagine doing any thing else.
Do you remember as a kid planning your life and naming your kids?
Do you remember pretending to be a mom and taking care of siblings or baby dolls?
Do you ever now as a parent look at your husband and kids and think "This is what I was preparing for!" It really amazes me sometimes. Logan will be telling me about something or just out playing and I will watch him and be amazed that God saw fit to give me this incredible blessing of Motherhood. I think about all those years of waiting and wondering what it would be like, and I look at my first born now, and can't believe how fast the time is going by.
For as much as Logan has grown and changed over the past 8 years, I assure you I have changed and grown just as much.

It's amazing the long way we still have to go. I almost would like for time to stand still right here, right at this moment. This age where we're past the temper tantrums, past the potty training, past the first day of school...and we're not yet at the hormones, and the attitude ( as much!) and "my mom is so weird"....We're just here in this middle child hood place. A holding place where we have the opportunity to tweak and mold and get ready for the impending Independence that is looming just over the next couple of years.

So Logan William, Happy 8th are 8 things I love about you!
1. Your dimples and your smile- I can be having a poopy day and all I need to see is that super cute smile.
2. Your love for your Momma- It is so sweet when you bring me a cup of water for no reason...or sense that I am not feeling well or something is wrong and come to me full of love and concern.
3. Your laugh- You have the most contagious and distinct laugh! I love it!
4. Your imagination- You can definitely come up with some plans. I may not be able to execute them, but you sure do dream big!
5. Your loyalty- You are so loyal to your friends and your family. That is a trait that many people don't possess.
6. Your compassion- You care about others and their feelings enough to show them that you care, not just say it.
7. Your heart for God- I don't know what God has in store for your future, but I know that if you keep your heart and mind focused on Him, He is going to do amazing things through you.
8. Your relationship with your sister- You are an awesome big brother! You have always loved and cared for your sister and I love watching you teach her things, and explain things to her, and be over all helpful with her.

The Ultimate Cone Head may have been hard to bring into this world, but I would do it 100 times over again if it gave me the results that God has blessed me with for the past 8 years!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday, dear Logan, Happy Birthday to you!

Expect a call from Corin later today!

Love ya buddy.

heather said...

Happy Birthday Logan from Zachary and Eric. Hope you have a great day.

valerie said...

Happy Birthday Logan!!!!! I hope you have a great day. Have fun swimming at the Fontana Resort today.

Chuck said...

8 - 12, the "golden years."

May he live long and faithfully.

Anonymous said...

Aww, Missy, this is precious. I get all teary eyed just reading it. And he's the cutest conehead I've ever seen! Thank you for helping me reminice about my own son's first momemnts of life.

Happy Birthday Logan!

Paige M said...

Happy Birthday, Logan!

"untold number of stitches" Oh, the joys of motherhood!