Monday, June 2, 2008

Blisters, VBS, and Birthdays

This is my life right now.
I am in the middle of VBS. We just finished our first night last night.
It went well. I love seeing the kids faces as they learn to worship and learn more of God's truths.
I love seeing the workers love the kids and be patient with them and show them God's love.
I don't love that by the time the first night of VBS got here I was so tired I didn't know if I could stand up in front of everybody. But I do love that God gives us second winds and He blew a huge one in my sails last night to get me through.
I slept till 9:00 this morning and am feeling more rested and ready for tonight.

What I don't like is that during the course of last week and all the planning and prepping I managed to get some horrible blisters on the bottom of my feet. I'm talking huge. Right on the top of the foot before they meet your toes. I've been soaking them and then putting on some blister pads, but this morning they actually feel worse then ever.
Really, why does this happen to me? I don't get it. I'm weird I guess.

On to the Birthdays. As you know Lana shares her birthday with Stacy and I's anniversary. Which is also during VBS. I know, we are good planners! So Lana has been telling everyone that she is having a Hannah Montana Birthday party. Guess what...that was not part of my plan. When do I have time right now to plan a birthday party? My plan was that Friday I was going to take her and Landy and Bella to the movies. Well Paige and closely...
We are now having a Hannah Montana party! Thanks to my nice friend Gwendy who has decided to take this on and Lana's wonderful Sunday School teacher Ms Valerie who loves her and makes yummy cakes, we will now be throwing Lana a suprise party on Thursday.
Gwendy has already got Hannah Montana plates and such and Ms Valerie is making HM cake.
Who ever heard of throwing a suprise party for a 6 year old? But, in all fairness to my sweet daughter, her birthday does kind of get mixed up with VBS and anniversaries and all of that. And for some reason this year she is ALL about her big day. She's never counted down and worried about it like she has this year. So I guess I owe her this fun suprise party. It will be fun and suprising and the cake will be good.
I am very thankful for my friends to help me out like this.
So Paige and Laura...bring Landy and Bella at 4:00 to our church FLC (same as last year). We will arrive at 4:15 for the suprise. Of course VBS starts at 6:00, so at 5:30 I will have to go get ready. It will be a short party, but you can stay for VBS if you want!

So that about covers my life right now....blisters, VBS and Birthdays.
Next week is going to seem dull in comparison!


Marsha said...

And you wonder why you have blisters! Until it's over, you'll have no voice and you'll be walking on your hands and knees.

I'll be praying for you.

When's a good time for the Pap and I to call Lana Lou Thursday? Of course we won't say ANYTHING about her party.

Kenny said...

Missy I can't believe it took you so long to remember me, I'm hurt. Nah not really.

Hey are you and Stacy and the kids going to the get-together at the Gore's? I hope so. We're just trying to get as many people from SEBC and just whoever wants to so that everybody (me) can see everyone. It will probably be on the 14th or 21st of June. Hope you guys can come.

Paige M said...

This year's birthday was a big deal to Landy too. Must be something that happens when you turn six???

That sounds good. I got your message today. Call me tomorrow if you get a chance. Bella may be able to come with me. (Laura is out of town)

We'll have to take the kids to a movie one day too! Sitting still for a couple of hours will be good for you!